Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am a Woman Of God T-Shirt Review

Most of you know that I love to be fashionable whenever possible. I love clothes and like my style to really reflect my personality. I am always looking for great statement pieces to add to my wardrobe.

The problem I run into most often is that style and value are usually competing attributes making it very difficult to look fabulous on a budget. Since I am a mother and a wife, and my family comes first, I certainly cannot be wasting a fortune just to "look good", not to mention my clothes also need to be practical.

Being able to express yourself in style should not be so hard. Thankfully, I found place that has amazing clothing at incredible prices, and not only are they fashionable, but also meaningful. That is because I am a Woman of God is not a brand, it is a Ministry.

Their goal is to spread the message of God, but also to take fashionable clothing that gives testimony to God and finally make it affordable. I love that there is finally someone who decided to do this. I cannot tell you have many religious clothing retailers charge outrageous prices. If the money was going to a good cause, then I would understand, but most of the time, it isn't.

I love that I am a Woman of God encourages women(and men since they also have "I am a Man of God" apparel) to embrace their faith. All too often nowadays, people act as if they are ashamed of their beliefs. It is very sad that other people's opinions can make someone afraid to stand up for what they care about(weather it be religion, politics, or anything else).

I would never try to force my beliefs on anyone, but I am proud to say that I AM a Woman of God. Although I fall short of his glory each and every day, I know that the only reason I even have the chance to do so is because of His grace.

With my gorgeous shirt from I am a Woman of God, I can show off my love for The Lord in style.
It is so wonderful to truly express the absolute most important belief of my life. Weather people like it, or they don't, it does not matter to me.

People wear their favorite bands on t-shirts all the time, and they never care if someone does not like the same band or even type of music. Why should people be proud of their taste in music that they show it off at every opportunity, but shy away from giving glory to their creator(again, those who already believe. As much as I would like everyone to believe, I would never force my beliefs on anyone).

Also, no one ever gets offended when someone has on a band shirt, even if they have different taste. I hate how something so much more important than music can create so much judgement and discrimination, when the message is all about love, acceptance and forgiveness.

So while this may just be a piece of cloth, to me it is so much more. The massage is so refreshing. It reminds me to thank God for everything he does for me, and even if I may be going through a trial, to take comfort in the fact that God would never give me more than I can handle, and that he is taking care of me.

Not only is the message inspiring, but the quality of the shirt is also wonderful. It is thick enough to be super durable, but not stiff or o thick that it feels like an oven. It has just the right amount of movement so it flows with your body but does not have a mind of it's own. It is made of cotton and is super soft and comfortable.

The color of the shirt is true and it does not fade in the wash. The lettering is gorgeous and very well set(no issues with cracking, peeling or fading), and that glitter on the heart is fabulous. It does not flake off and get all over your skin, clothes and house like so many glittered shirts do. Not only does that prevent a glittery mess, it keeps the shirt from looking empty and old on the heart area, which is what would happen if the glitter came off.

I really love that this is conservatively cut, but does not look sloppy or frumpy. I don't want to display my body along with my love for God, but I do want to look feminine and put together. In my mind, this shirt embodies that image perfectly.

Overall, I am completely in love with this shirt. If you are a Woman(or Man) of God and would like to embrace it with fashion, then I am a Woman Of God is exactly the place to find everything you need to do so. They have so any other wonderful items. I could build my whole wardrobe from their website.Check it out, and be sure to like them on Facebook so you are always in the know.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.*


  1. I really like this shirt! It is so true that we need to thank God every day for his wonderful blessings that he bestows on us! I am so thrilled to see you wearing this shirt!

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