Monday, September 2, 2013

Frends Headphones Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

As you all probably know, my son's birthday recently passed. My little boy is six years old. I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up.

I know that all parents are shocked at how fast their children grow up, but for me, I think it was especially surprising. My son has autism, so in many areas, it had taken him longer to mature. So in my eyes, he had been my "baby" even more than he should have been.

Not that I see his autism as a flaw. He just took a little longer to blossom in some areas. Speech for example, he did not speak a word until after he turned three. He knew his alphabet and nubmers by sight before he could say them. He could use blocks or magnet letters to put them in order(without the slightest hesitation or doubt). He could even write most of them before he could say them.

Once I realized that autism was the underlying cause of this(instead if him not wanting to like everyone used to tell me), it was so much easier for me to work with him, and we started him in preschool. From there, his progress was mind blowing.

I still saw him as my baby though, and he still had many struggles with his language skills although he could read, write and speak fine, he had trouble with expressing feelings(naturally without prompting) or having a back and forth conversation(mostly yes, no or one word answers).

Within the last year, he has began speaking in full sentences, communicating much more freely and genuinely. His affect has even become more developed. Previously, he would often sound like he was acting(poorly) when he said things. It seemed as if he was repeating something he did not really mean. Now it seems that it really comes from his soul, and that amazes me.

At the end of last school year, he teacher raved about his nearly perfect ability in math, his excellence in reading, spelling, and memorizing. His huge development in reading comprehension and sequencing. He is on or above grade level in every area.

I have certainly noticed these huge strides.

Of course, he will always be my baby, but this year is when it really hit me that he is growing up, and that was great and terrible at the same time. One one hand, I am so so proud of my little man for all the progress he continues to make every single day. On the other hand, I am sad that he is growing up and I realize it won't be long before he doesn't need me anymore.

So while his birthday was a bittersweet occasion for me, I still wanted to make it incredible for him. This was the first year that he was completely aware of and looking forward to his birthday. He had been talking about it form months before it arrived, He was even picking out the gifts that he wanted.

That was great because in the past, we really never knew exactly what he wanted. I mean there were many things that we knew he would like, but we could not be sure what he was actually wishing for, and he never told us.

This year he had a pretty good list. He love the computer, it is his favorite activity, and he is a genius on it. He is better than I am by a mile. He loves to "shop" online. He looks around and adds he things he wants to the cart, and then shows them to me.

Most of his picks were movies(Dora, Max & Ruby, etc.) that he wanted. There was one thing though that he just kept showing me. Ir was certainly a more "grown up" gift. I could certainly see why he loved it. It was a gift that even I would love. I just was not sure how much he really wanted it.

What is this incredible gift? I am sure from the title you deduced that it is Frends Headphones. They were not just any headphones, they were Taylor Headphones in Gold/White. He calls the "Gold Treasure", and I have to agree that is exactly what they are.

In fact, I loved them so much that I knew I needed a pair also. I reached out to Frends in hopes of doing a review of their amazing Taylor Headphones, and here we are. Frends is such a wonderful and caring company. Their pride for their products is so obvious, and the quality is unparalleled.

I got the Taylor Gold/White for my little birthday boy, and the Rose Gold/White for myself. Both pairs are so Exquisite.
Even the boxes are gorgeous, and premium quality too. They have a magnetized closure, so they open and close easily, and the headphones are beautifully displayed inside.
And they look even more dazzling out of the box. My son said it perfectly, they really are like a treasure.
And they are not only stylish, but they are incredibly functional. Even more so than I expected.

They can be folded, so you could wear them around your neck with the ear pieces flipped outward like speakers.
They even fold down so far as to fit in the super fabulous carrying case that comes with them.
These feature premium 40mm drivers, so the sound quality is flawless. The sound is so clear and robust, and since they are over ear, the help to reduce the noise around you, even though they are not intended as noise canceling.

Not only does the over ear style make these incredible comfortable to wear(even for long periods), but the Frends Taylor Headphones take it a step further with the added comfort of memory foam ear cushions. My ears are sensitive to most headphones, but these feel so luxurious.

The comfort is very important, because my son has sensory issues, and as much as he loved these headphones in the pictures, I worried about him not being comfortable in them.

These even have a volume control and a mic built into the cord, making them great fro hands free phone calls or adjusting volume without fussing with your device.
They also have a revolutionary fabric cord. This cord easily moves with you and does not kink or fray. It is so flexible and durable. I can tell that this cord will withstand almost anything. I love that, it is another VERY important feature for my(and especially my son).

Of course, the style is just as wonderful as the rest of the features. The genuine leather and handcrafted metal make all the difference. These are so elegant. Although I am certainly not a sophisticated-looking person, I feel glamorous whenever I wear these(even when I actually look a mess).
I have received so many compliments on these. They are jewelry inspired, and it really shows. They are the universal accessory. Bring them anywhere to add a dash of fare to any outfit, like the perfect handbag, only better.

Of course, me liking these is really not that important. My son's opinion is what I really care about. It was no surprise that he adores them too.
He was so happy as soon as he got them. He put them on with a huge smile. They were not even connected to anything.
As I already mentioned, he LOVES the computer, so that is the first place that he put them to the test.
He thought it was the best thing ever. Although he did not appreciate me taking his picture while he was trying to play.
He loves them so much more than I ever thought he would. He now uses them every single time he s on the computer. Not only am I glad that he loves them so much, I am actually glad he is using headphones for the computer too.

I have an almost 2 year old daughter, who goes to bed before her brother, and sometimes he would turn the speakers up too loud which would keep her up or wake her up. Now, no one can here it except him, and he won't turn it too loud(for him) since it is right on his ears.

They must be comfortable to him as they are for me or he would never wear them. Everything is about comfort for him. And though he loves the style, he would never wear them solely for that.

The fabric cord really is the best feature for him too. One of his little quirks is chewing things. He chews his hair, his fingers, and especially wires. We had to get a wireless mouse and keyboard for that very reason. Which is why I was hesitant to get him headphones.

While I am not saying that anyone should and I stop him every time I see him do it, he has chewed this cord(more than once) and it looks brand new. There are no teeth marks, dents, holes or any signs of chewing at all. This cord is a God send. Any other cord would have been destroyed by now for sure.

He has used them for everything with a headphone jack. His Leappad, Tablet and even the TV. He would probably sleep in them if I let him.

I cannot speak highly enough to truly describe how wonderful Frends Taylor Headphones are. They are stylish, durable, and elite performing, but most of all, they make my son happy, and that is priceless.They are easily his favorite gift ever and most prized possession(aside form the computer).

If you want a fabulous gift, a gorgeous statement piece a or just an elite pair of headphones, Frends Taylor Over Ear Headphones are perfect.

Frends has other stunning styles too, like the incredible Layla On Ear Headphones. In fact, Frends and I are giving away a pair of the Layla Heaphones in Silver/Black($149 RV). They are so sleek. The Silver/Black color scheme makes them even more ideal for men as well as women.

If you want the chance to win these incredible headphones, enter below. Good luck!

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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