Thursday, September 26, 2013

Genie Bra Fall Colors, Plus New Custom Genie Bra- Review

Most of you probably saw my review of Genie Bra a couple months ago. If you did, then you already know how incredible Genie Bra is. Well, i am going to say it again anyway, because I recently got some new Genie Bra items, and I obsessed with them too.

So by now everyone has probably heard about Genie Bra, the miracle bra that smooths, shapes, lifts, supports and feels super comfortable all the while. If you have just heard of it in passing, pay attention, because this could change your life.

Genie Bra, to the untrained eye, my look like a mere sports bra, but that could not be any less accurate. Genie Bra truly lives up to it's name. I have owned countless sports bras and every single one was terrible. The quality is not the issue I face with sports bras, but rather the performance.

More specifically, I have two breasts, and I want to look like I have two. Every sports bra I have tried gives me a very unflattering uni-boob. Not I can look plenty unflattering on my own, and I certainly don't need my undergarments conspiring against me.

Genie Bra is the only bra I have found so far that does not have assassin wires stabbing me, ninja straps digging into my shoulders(yet somehow still not supporting me enough) and renegade bands giving me unsightly back blubber. Not only is Genie Bra comfortable, it is also flattering. FINALLY, the best of both worlds.

And since the bra itself if so fashionable, they can even act as an undershirt for low cut tops and no one is the wiser. Of course if people will be seeing it, then having lots of options is very important. That is why I was so thrilled to see the amazing colors that are available for Fall. Fall colors are always my favorites, so I know they would be gorgeous, and they did not disappoint.

I got Royal Ruby:
Regal Amethyst:
and Majestic Sapphire:
They are all GORGEOUS!! Deeper colors are always my favorites, and purple and blue are my favorite colors ever(besides black which is technically not a color, but the absence of color).

These are just as miraculous as the Genie Bras I previously owned, only with even more awesome attitude thanks to these smokin' colors. I love rocking these under my racer-back tanks. It looks so much better than seeing regular bra straps, and feels so much more comfortable, plus the color pop is so stylish.

I could rave about the wonder that is the Genie Bra all day, but since I already gave you the info(twice if you count my last post), I think it would be better to introduce you to the newest and most advanced product in the Genie Bra family. Genie Bra Custom.

That's right, if any of you ladies were hesitant to go for a Genie Bra because of the Sports bra like style, then the Custom is the solution. Genie Bra Custom takes all the fabulous comfort and smoothing properties that made the original so wonderful and makes them even better in the strapless version.
Now you can go open shoulder and not have to worry about showing your straps or lacking support. Dare to bare it, Genie Bra has you covered. It even has a silicone strip on the inside top of each cup to prevent slipping.

But what if you want a bra with straps, but you like standard bra straps that adjust? Never fear. The Genie Bra Custom includes attachable straps. They are adjustable and look perfect with the bra. Not only that, but the Genie Bra Custom is also convertible. You can wear it strapless or with the strars in the traditional position, but with over 30 individual placement options, you can truly customize the fit.

The Genie Bra Custom does halter, criss-cross in the back or the front, and even dual strap cross shoulder(for dresses that are sleeveless only on one side). I have never seen another bra that could do that. It is unbelievable.

I would love to show you how awesome this bra looks in use, but this is a family site and I am certainly not an underwear model. So if you want proof of how great it is, try it yourself. Then you can come back here and thank me, because I know you will love it. Seriously, this is the best bra ever!

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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