Friday, September 27, 2013

Ecru Acacia Protein Masque Review

If you read my review of Ecru back in March, then you already heard about some of their incredible products, and how much I adore them. If not, you missed out on discovering a truly incredible brand of Cosmetic Hair Care.

In March I was extremely impressed with the amazing transformation that Ecru made to my hair. It completely renewed it and made it look healthy and feel smooth again. My hair is old, damaged and unmanageable, so I was blown away by how well Ecru worked on it.

But March is Springtime, the weather is almost mild(it is still hot here in Florida), so the humidity is not as high. It is easier to manage the frizz than in the summertime. How that summer heat has fully kicked in, along with hurricane season and ultra high humidity, it is a completely different story.

My hair has been a nightmare. Have you even seen those horror movies where the vines come to life and wrap people up and drag them away? Well that is how my hair has been. I was actually afraid it would gobble up one of my kids and I would never see them again. That is scary stuff.

Thankfully, my beloved Ecru knows my plight, and they had exactly the product to turn tragedy to triumph. Their Acacia Protein Masque is unbelievable.
It is a true masque. Many products I have used are the same consistency as a conditioner, which pretty much makes them only that effective. This is different. It is so thick, rich and creamy. It is like butter(but not greasy).
You could flip the jar upside down and shake it, and this would budge, but a simple scoop of a finger and it glides right into your hand. It is like whipped silk. I really do not know how to describe the amazing texture.

Just the act of applying it is like a spa treatment. It feels amazing on your hands and your hair, and the scent is intoxicating. I would wear this scent as a perfume. It smells that good. It just smells like luxury. It is so pampering, I feel like a celebrity when I use it.

What I really love is how far the product goes. I have a lot of hair, and most of the time when I use a masque, I get only one application per jar. This said to apply generously, and I did, very much so. I piled it on, but because of it's richness, it really stayed on and none was wasted. I though I was suing a lot, until I realized the jar is still about 2/3 full, meaning I will get about 3 applications from this one jar. This is wonderful!

Not only can I use it more times that other masques, but one application worked so much better than other masques I have used. Most don't do much more than any deep conditioner. The was practically the equivalent of replacing my old dry hair with bran new hair. It is incredible.

I know my hair is still not perfect, because I do need to trim the dead ends, but previously the dead ends was 3/4 of my hair. I am so happy with how well this works for me.
Just as a healthy body needs protein, so does healthy hair. Since your hair cannot eat a steak(although mine was so reckless that it almost could), you need a better way to give it the protein it needs. What better way than a silky-smooth, fragrant indulgence?

If you are battling horror movie hair or Southern humidity, then you must let Ecru Acacia Protein Masque help you too.You will never believe how you wasted your money on so many sub par "masques" in the past. Let Ecru help you love your hair again. I know I do.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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