Friday, November 29, 2013

AlleyOOP 14ft VariableBounce Trampoline Review

The holidays are nearly here. Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, today is Black Friday, the day that strikes fear into my very soul. My husband and I, along with your two kids, made the very foolish decision to venture out last night to take part in the shopping madness.

I had never attempted Black Friday(or Thursday) shopping before. I have always thought it was crazy to fight so many other shoppers and stand in lines for hours. It turns out, I was right. It is crazy and we will never be doing that again.

I much prefer to shop online. Not only can you stay warm and comfortable, but you never have to deal with cranky children, long lines, low inventory, non-existent parking(we had to park in the grass), and pushy shoppers. Plus, online, you can get the same fabulous deals, something I had to learn the hard way.

I have done all my shopping online for as long as I can remember, and I always make out like a bandit. We got a couple good deals last night, but it was not worth the hours of anarchy, not by a long shot. I have seen so many fabulous deals this year already, and with it being Black Friday, almost every company is running online sales to go along with their in-store ones.

What I really love to find though are deals on items that are not available(or not common) in stores, and bigger items that I would prefer be shipped anyway. It's great to get extra savings on things you would have bought online anyway.

One of my favorite online retailers is having a Black Friday sale. JumpSport, the world's safest trampolines, is offering some really amazing deals. Now through December 1st, you can get $100 off the JumpSport Elite Growing Families Bundle and $200 off the PowerBounce Bundle.

Save $150 on the Growing Families Bundle
or save $200 on the
Growing Families POWER Bundle
At checkout use the coupon code:
(PowerBounce Bundle Use)

These are top of the line backyard trampolines. It's not something you would pick up at a discount store. These are ultra safe and premium performance. That is the only thing I would ever trust for y own family. I recently got a AlleyOOP(by JumpSport) 14ft VariableBounce Trampoline, and it is incredible.
The safety enclosure features a "no forget" entry way. Once the kids go in, it goes right back to it's original position.

That way, there is no chance that a kid could fall out. I am always out there with them anyway, but with my daughter being 2 and my son being 6 and autistic, this is still a vital feature in my opinion. That was one of the biggest reasons I chose this model. This is the STRONGEST Safety net available. You can't put a price on piece of mind like that.

The way this net sits is awesome because it goes around the outside of the padding. Some enclosures sit on the inside blocking the bouncing surface from the padding, but this way, there are rest areas on the padding inside. The rest areas allow my daughter to sit down and not get bounced all over by everyone else jumping. I really love that. She is so small that she often looks like popcorn out there.

Another thing that I really love about this is that you can get a basketball set(sold separately) that attaches right to the safety enclosure.
I have been wanting to get the kids a basketball hoop anyway, and did not have much place for it since they cannot dribble a ball on grass. This is a fun and unique way for them to play. My son can already make the occasional basket on this without even jumping. I can't wait to teach him a jumping slam dunk.

The rim is padded, so there is no danger when he can bounce up and dunk. The net is easily removable too, it just fastens on with Velcro. It is really easy to make baskets. Even if it is out of the box, if you hit the backboard, chances are it will go in the hoop. I love basketball, so this was fantastic to me.

It was pretty easy to install, and I did it after I already had the enclosure put up. It didn't take much time at all and I did it myself except for a little help holing it from the inside by hubby.

There is also a ladder that you can purchase separately(that is included in the elite packages in the Black Friday Sale). It makes it even easier for younger kids to get up, although you can get up without it too.

Of course the greatest feature is just how much fun the kids having playing on it.
(I apologize for the sound on the videos, it was VERY windy.)

Even hubby(who is a kid at heart) loves it. The kids especially love when he or I(or both of us) are on there with them.
They like to wrestle and even "fight" for the title belt. Of course, the kids always win.
Watching them have so much fun is the best gift of all. And I know that in their mind, this is the best gift they have ever gotten. They both ask to play on it every single day, multiple times. They will play for like 2 hours(which is really exhausting for mommy), come inside for a drink and a snack, ad ask to go right back out. They'd probably sleep on it if I'd let them. As a matter of fact, you can even get a tent that is made to go along with this. I plan to do that in the Spring/Summer.

What I really love about the VariableBounce is the way the springs are configured. They are designed to reduce risk of injury and increase safety. When two people land at once, there is less of a jolt than on other trampolines. I have had many experiences on other trampolines where I laded at the same time as someone and actually popped my knee or ankle to the point of severe and lingering pain. I definitely do not want that possibility for my children.

I really love that this is an item that encourages physical activity. As you can see, both of my children are well fed, and I was getting concerned out their weight(especially since the doctors always tell me they are heavy for their age). I love that they can get exercise simply from playing. I can get some right along with them, which is just another wonderful perk.

This is a gift that is fun for the whole family. I think I love it just as much as the kids. I know I could really have a blast if I jumped by myself. When we play together, I am always worried about sending them flying. Hubby has the same problem. I think we need a grow-up play date on it.

With the superior safety, performance, durability, and creativity of this trampoline, I cannot imagine any better gift for my children(or any child). If a big backyard trampoline is out of your price range or yard space, JumpSport still has you covered. Their Black Friday Sale also features 3 of their fabulous personal trampolines.

Save 10% off ANY
200 Series Fitness Trampoline!
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Save 20% off ANY
300 Series Fitness Trampoline!
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Save 15% off ANY
500 Series Fitness Trampoline!
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Their Fitness Trampolines are fantastic too. I reviewed one earlier this year. It is the best mini trampoline I have ever seen, and I love that it does not have squeaky, dangerous springs, but instead thick, bungee type straps.

The kids love it. That is what made me want to get them a backyard one. They hate sharing the mini one and I still worried about them falling(or pushing one another) off.

And for those with even younger kiddos to shop for, JumpSport is also discounting the iBounce kid's trampoline during their Black Friday event.

"Best Gift for Young Kids (2-5 years)"
iBounce Kids Trampoline Special
Take $20 off any iBounce!
Choose your Kids Trampoline
At checkout use the coupon code:
No matter who you are shopping for or what your budget is, JumpSport has you covered. Don't fight the crowds to possibly save a little bit on predictable gifts. Sit back, relax and let JumpSport ship the perfect gift right to your door.

Then all you have to deal with is assembly(which you still have to with many other gifts). The assembly is not very difficult. I did it myself with some minor help(holding) from hubby. The directions are very detailed and easy to follow. 
The hardest part of the assembly is actually the safety enclosure, and that is still fairly simple. I did have a very small amount of trouble with it, but that is because I did it with no help at like 4am(after doing the trampoline since like 11pm). I had to do it while the kids were sleeping. With 2 people, in the daylight, this can be done in a flash.

Getting to the point, I HIGHLY recommend JumpSport to anyone looking for a trampoline. You will not find better quality anywhere. Seriously, if this was not the best, I would not put my faith in it, not for my kids. 

Make someones holiday unforgettable with an incredible gift from JumpSport.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. LOVE the video and this trampoline is like WOW! Love ALL the safety features and the basketball goal attachment. It doesn't get any better than this! You know I would love to have one for Z!

  2. Thank you SO much for all of the details! We would love to get a large trampoline but don't have enough of a yard for it. But the iBounce is perfect for my kids, especially since it has handles. Not to mention the price after the discount code!

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