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October Starbox Review

Last October I reviewed my very first Starbox. Starbox is an incredible monthly beauty subscription box. There are countless monthly box companies, especially for beauty products, but I knew that this one was special from that very first box.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Starbox in November and December last year as well. The boxes were so fantastic, that in January, I subscribed to Starbox. That is the only monthly subscription I have ever actually kept.

I have been disappointed many times by monthly boxes claiming to be such and such value, or so many products. Most beauty boxes send sample sizes. Whether it is single use samples or "deluxe" samples, either way, that's not cool.

What's even worse, is that you are usually paying and arm and a leg just to get them, and adding insult to injury, the companies claim the boxes are worth high values. They may send a packet sample of an incredible expensive face cream and value it at a fraction of the full size product's cost. To me, that is a rip off.

You can often get free samples from the beauty counter at department stores. You could save your money, probably get more or better samples, and even get some tips from a real beauty consultant. I don't ever buy samples, not ever.

Okay, I might have been ranting a bit, but those other boxes really do upset me. I was not a fan of them at any point, but once I tried Starbox, it really made my anger grow. That is because with Starbox, I saw the quintessence of what a beauty box should be.

The products are all FULL SIZED, and you always get at least 3 of them! That in itself sets Starbox apart. Additionally, I really love that Starbox send it's products with  specific look in mind. Other companies seem to just throw some random samples into the box. I like having products that were picked to go together. It makes it really simple to try new looks.

Another thing I love about Starbox is that the products are professional quality. You are getting a superior product at an incredible value. You are not paying for the prestige of a designer label, yet you are getting all the same results. And since all the products are Starlooks brand, I know they will all be equally fantastic.

I have been subscribed since January, and every box has been fantastic. Unfortunately, the CC I was using for the subscription expired in September, and although I had a new one, I never realized that I had to change it in my account, so my subscription was canceled before my October box was charged.

In what seems like a miracle, I was actually contacted about doing reviews for Starbox again for October-December. So I still got the October box. I am so glad I did not miss out, because it is fantastic!
This month's box has three amazing full sized products.
I love the color theme, and the products are all perfect. They are:

Tendergloss in Puzzy:
The tendergloss might just be my favorite product from Starlooks. It is so silky and moist. I love that it is sheer, but still gives a very gorgeous color, like a glossy lip tint. It feels amazing on my lips and even helps them stay soft after I take it off.

This color is stunning. I love sheer shimmery pinks, especially ones that are not too "barbie" colored. This one has such a beautiful shine to it.

3B3 - 3 Shade Eye Blush Palette:
These shades are so beautiful and feminine. I don't like a super dark cheek, and I don't like them to bright either. I don't want to look like a clown, I want to have a nice, soft pink glow, and these can accomplish that flawlessly.

Of course the most important feature of any blush is how well it wears. This goes in unbelievable smooth. There is no caking, or heaviness at all. It blends into the skin and seems to become your own skin. It feels like you have nothing on, except that it makes your skin even smoother. It does not smear, crease, run, dust have any other flaws. It stays on all day.

Eye Gem Pencil in Mirage:
I adore this pencil. All of the Eye Gem pencils are fantastic. They glide on so smoothly. They last all day(and into the next). They never get out of line, and they don't irritate my eyes like some pencils do. The color is always ultra pigmented too, so you get a bold line ever time(unless you want it soft of course).

The color is so lovely. It really stands out without being to flashy. The beautiful silver makes it the perfect choice for winter. It reminds me of snow and of the holidays. Maybe because it is so special. I love that It is safe even for the waterline, and that it can even be easily smudged to wear as shadow.

I created a look with all three products, and although I'll probably play with it, I think it looks great. It is very simple, but it is totally my style. I used the Puzzy Tendergloss on my lips(of course). I used the middle blush on my cheeks, and I added just a bit of each on my eyes. I lined the bottom last line and about half of the top last line with the Mirage Eye Gem Pencil and that's it. No other products were used in this look.
I really love this look. It is so simple, and it is not too "made up" looking.

The October Starbox also had a super bonus, a coupon for $50 off at I don't wear glasses anymore since I had Lasik, but it is a great little extra, and I gave mine to a friend.

The value of this Starbox was crazy fabulous. They are worth every penny of their retail price, but since Starbox is only $15 a month plus shipping(which is under $3), it is almost too good to be true.

If you missed out on October's Starbox, you can still get it from for only $10 more than the subscription price, which is still a huge savings. All the old boxes are available for purchase for only $25 each(until they run out).

If this box looked like something you would want, don't delay, subscribe to Starbox today. In fact, you actually need to do it today to ensure you get November's box. The cutoff is the 10th of each month.

If you do miss out on November, be sure to subscribe before December 10th so you don't miss the epic box that is coming. Decembers box will feature a 15 shade Eye Shadow Palette worth $99!! I got one in last years box, and it was unbelievable.

You can also gift Starbox, which is sure to be a hit for the holidays. You can Gift a month to month recurring subscription that can be canceled at any time, but will continue as long as you like, you can gift a pre-paid a subscription for 3 or 6 months, or a pre-paid 12 month subscription and get the first box FREE or you can gift only December's Starbox for just $19 plus shipping.

No matter which option you choose, the recipient is going to be thrilled, and I suggest you include yourself in the Starbox gifting, because you will be sorry if you miss these amazing products. Starbox is the gift that keeps on giving. Where else can you get such a great gift for only $17.68(per box) shipped? Make the holidays a little more beautiful with Starbox.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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