Saturday, November 23, 2013

De-Stress Your Holiday Shopping with ISIS Mobile Wallet

As a Stay at Home Mom, I do not make a great deal of money. Although since I am a blogger and I belong to paid survey sites, I do make some here and there. I save my money up as much as possible so that I have funds for holiday shopping.

Just as being a mom effects my income, it also effects my brain, in that it prevents it from working property much of the time. Lack of sleep and an abundance of worries/things to focus on, and trying to multitask countless things at once create a trance-like state of mind that I call "Mommy Brain".

Mommy brain is the cause of many forgotten or improperly executed plans. That is bad enough on a day to day basis, but when trying to prep for the holidays, it is just not acceptable.

One area that mommy brain hits me the hardest is in remembering my wallet. Since I do not usually have money that I can spend, I rarely carry my wallet with me. I don't carry a purse, and I hate having my wallet if I am not going to need it, because I would end up losing it somewhere(and I have, several times).

My husband is a great provider, and he always has his wallet on him, but when I am supposed to bring mine and forget it, that is not good. For one, I used to carry all the reward cards on me, but now he has to do it because I have forgotten so many times.

Also, now that it is time to buy gifts, I like to have funds on me at all times so that if I see a good deal on something for the kids or my hubby I can buy it right then. I am not going to ask hubby to use his money(CC, etc.) to buy a gift for him. That would be ridiculous.

Since I am a proud member of #VZWLife for Verizon Wireless, I was privy to some really useful information on their new app, ISIS Mobile Wallet. This app is fabulous, and it makes shopping so much simpler, even for those with mommy brain.

While I rarely carry my wallet, I always have my phone. With ISIS Mobile Wallet if I have my phone, then I DO have my wallet too. In fact, I have an upgraded wallet, because ISIS Mobile Wallet not only stores all of my cards(not just payments, but reward cards too) in less space than a wallet, but is also protects all of my information.
 Isis Wallet
If you lose your wallet, anyone can do whatever they want with your information. To put a cherry on top, ISIS even saves and EARNS me money.
Isis Mobile Wallet App Details
Like when you sign up for ISIS Mobile Wallet, you earn $10 on the spot. You can also connect your ISIS Mobile Wallet to Serve(by American Express), and earn 20% off all your purchases(using Serve) up to $200! You can even fund Serve with Paypal or other credit or debit cards.

You can set spending limits so that your account "shuts off" once you've spent your limit. It will decline any transactions that exceed your spending limit, which is great if you want to stick to a budget, and even better for letting teenagers or kids spend money. It also keeps track of your spending.

As if all of those features were not awesome enough, there are hundreds of other offers that you can access via ISIS. Many of which even include FREE items, like there is one for My Coke Rewards vending machines. Although I have never seen that type of machine, if I ever do, my first soda will be free thanks to ISIS. You really have to check it out yourself to see how many incredible offers there are.
ISIS Mobile Wallet is just the all around better way to shop this holiday season(and all the time). Since it takes the typical person, on average, 20 minutes to realize their wallet is missing, but only about 4 minutes to realize their phone is missing, it is much safer to use ISIS, especially since even if someone finds your phone, they cannot access ISIS without your pass code.

As great as the safety and convenience are(which is what drew me to ISIS in the first place), the money saving aspect is even more fantastic to me. I am always on the hunt for a great deal, and hate to pay full price for anything, so being able to save money just to shop more simply and safely is like a dream come true.

This holiday season, save time, money and stress and get back to jolly with ISIS Mobile Wallet.

*Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless #VZWLife team and received a device as part of this program. I am a long time Verizon customer and all opinions are my own.*


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  4. Just as being a mom effects my income, it also effects my brain, in that it prevents it from working property much of the time. Lack of sleep and an abundance of worries/things to focus on, and trying to multitask countless things at once create a trance-like state of mind that I call "Mommy Brain"

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