Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stay on Track This Holiday Season with Best Buy & Shine

Tis the season to be jolly. The holidays are the time for happiness, family togetherness, entertaining and even a bit of overindulging. While you might wast to act as jolly as old St. Nick, I doubt you want to have his physique.

No one wants to be the one depriving themselves of everything delicious at holiday gatherings, that is no fun at all. Of course you don't want to attend parties in sweats because your clothes don't fit either, so what is the solution?

It's simple, just be more active. Everyone is extra busy during the holidays anyway, so it is not difficult to burn a few calories, but go the extra mile whenever you can. Park further away from stores so you get a longer walk, walk the escalator(or stairs if available) instead of just riding it, dance, anything to add some extra activity to your day.

Tracking your activity makes it even easier to see if you are getting enough. Then you can even set goals on how much you want to get, and work as hard as is necessary to achieve the goal. Since the holidays are the most socially demanding time of year, a big, ugly activity tracker is a bad choice.

Thankfully there are stylish options too, like the Misfit Shine Elegant Wearable Tracker. Best Buy has them and they are fabulous.
Even the packaging is sleek. The Shine tracker itself is small and elegant.
It can easily pass as just a statement piece, and it can be work many different ways(wrist band, necklace, on your shoes, etc) and even be carried in a front pocket(and still track). It comes with an attachable rubber wrist band, and it looks awesome that way.
Best Buy is the only place you can get the Misfit Shine in exclusive colors including black(like I have), Silver, Champagne and Topaz. Best Buy also offers stylish accessories , like a leather wrist band, Sports band, and Necklace for the Misfit Shine, so there are tons of ways to make this look fabulous.

This little baby may be small, but the capabilities are HUGE. This can track activity, steps, swimming, biking, tennis, sleep and calories. It even has a clock. Also, the Shine Wearable Tracker is waterproof. That is a very good feature(since it can be used to track swimming). I am very forgetful, and it if was not waterproof, it wouldn't last a week for me.

It is so easy to use too, it is compatible with IOS devices, and the app keeps track of your goals and how close you come to meeting/exceeding them. You can even use it as a clock by double tapping the top. The position of the lists tells you what time it is.

Since the Misfit Shine is so elegant, it is the perfect tool to help everyone get proactive about their health. This is not just for health nuts or gym junkies, this is a stylish yet practical accessory that everyone should own. I love mine, and I am so glad that I have an ally in the battle against holiday pounds.

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.*


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