Monday, November 18, 2013

Give the Gift of Self-Esteem with Lottie Dolls

As much as I love sharing all the big, over-the-top, gifts with you all, there is something oh so special about the smaller, more thoughtful gifts. Everyone need great items to fill stockings or smaller items to gift to friends' or relatives' children.

For girls, dolls are a great choice. They are small, and usually affordable, and they are still fun and special for the child. However, I really don't like how practically every doll nowadays has large breasts, make-up, short, tight, revealing clothing and stilettos. To me, that is not the kind of image you should want your little girls to aspire to, especially since it is actually physically impossible to attain those proportions.

When I discovered Lottie Dolls, it was like a breath of fresh air. These are what little girls' toys should be.
What makes Lottie so special, is that she is actually proportioned realistically. She does not wear make-up, jewelry, high heels or "stripper" attire. She can actually "walk" on her feet. I hate dolls with pointed feet, they look stupid without shoes on.

I love that the Lottie Dolls have fun costumes, such as this Pirate Queen Lottie that I chose for my daughter.
She is fully dressed, but still looks fun and youthful. And there are many other outfits to choose from for her, and all of them are appropriate for little girls. I chose a lovely Blue Velvet dress set.
Look how adorable that is. It looks like something a young girl should be wearing.

I love how Lottie has a child's figure, and not an adults. We all give our children all these grown up role models/toys and then we seem surprised when they grow up too fast. This doll helps a child embrace being a kid, and that is fabulous.

Also, Lottie's hair is actually manageable unlike most dolls. It will not become a disaster after just a few days like my old dolls' hair used to. As a parent, I love that. My daughter probably won't care, but I cannot stand seeing something I spent money on look like junk after only a short time.

Lottie is smaller than standard dolls, making them the perfect size for smaller hands(and attributing to her child-like appearance) . They are ideal for stockings for this reason too.

I am so glad that I found such a wonderful and wholesome doll for my little girl. I know she will love this. If you have a doll lover on your shopping list this year, I highly recommend giving them a self-esteem-building Lottie Doll.

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*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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