Sunday, November 10, 2013

FiberGourmet Cheese Thinables Review

As you all probably know, This year I began a lifestyle of more sensible eating. Although I began with an actual structured diet plan, I am still actively taking steps to ensure my weight(and health) stays on track. Although I will indulge now and again, I am always looking for swaps.

Any time I can find a food that is just as delicious AND has less fat and calories than the junk foods I wish I could eat, I get such a feeling of accomplishment. While that may seem like a pointless source for excitement, to me, it's a big deal.

Food is my passion. Whether am eating super moist chocolate cake or perfectly ripened produce, I love food. Even if I am making healthier choices, I am certainly not going to make sacrifices on flavor, or, especially, quality.

I have already discovered many snacking options to replace bad habit snacking. I will gladly eat a fruit or yogurt any time, and they are delicious, but sometimes you just want what you want. If I want cheese crackers, the pretzels, nuts, fruit, etc. as fantastic as they are, just don't really hit the spot.

It is kind of frustrating. I mean I can handle it, but I wished I wouldn't have to. Thankfully, now I don't have to. If I want cheese crackers, what do you think I reach for? That's right, cheese crackers. I feel guilty later though, right? WRONG! With Cheese Thinables from FiberGourmet, I feel GREAT!
These little crackers are incredible. They same shape and size as Cheez-It crackers, so it really is like grabbing the junk food that I crave.
They taste similar to Cheez-It crackers too. I actually think these taste a little better. Cheez-Its are a little overbearing for me I think. Thinables have a slightly milder flavor, which I really love. Not only that, but they are less greasy than Cheez-It.

These are the perfect texture. They are great for all the crunchy cravings, but they are not hard, they are crisp, which I love.

So taste, texture, appearance, they are similar to Cheez-It, but the comparison stops there. When it comes to nutrition, Cheese Thinables blow any competition out of the water. Cheese Thinables come in convenient single serve packs.

Each 1oz serving contains 30 crackers and is only 60 calories! Compare that to 140 in the other brand. Cheese Thinables also have only 2.5g of fat. Plus they have 11g of fiber. The others have less than 1g. Factor in the 4g of protein too, and you can see why I got so excited about something as simple as crackers.

A snack that is delicious, filling, cheesy, crunch-able, salty, savory, low in fat and calories, high in fiber and protein and convenient packed in individual servings. The only way these crackers could be any better is if they shined your shoes and walked your dog.

I was expecting one bag to leave me a little peckish as most 1oz snacks do, but the fiber and protein made these much more filling than I expected, which is wonderful. After one bag, I was totally satisfied for like 2 hours(which is rare for me). 

My daughter loves them too. I am glad she loves something so healthy, but it actually made me a little sad to have to share them. She ate 2 bags herself, and part of one of mine. I wish she had saved more for me, but I know why she loves them.

I cannot believe I did not discover this snacking treasure sooner. I know what my go-to savory snack will be from now on. If you want a healthier snack that doesn't feel like a substitute, then you need to try FiberGourmet.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.*

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