Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Your Alone Time

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As a mom, of course I love spending time with my family. After all, they are my life. At times though, I really enjoy the peace of having some (rare) alone time. It is nice to relax and have some quiet and just enjoying choosing an activity that is just for you.

I know a few people (moms), who seek this alone time as much as me, but often find themselves bored when they actually get it. When kids are at school or in bed and housework is done(for the most part) and you want to relax, what should you do?

That may seem like a silly question to many of you, who are dying to do anything other than what you are required to do. Thinking: "How could you be bored when you finally get a break?" I think there are probably many reasons this happens. I know in my case, it does happen rarely. I think for me, it is such valuable time that I feel I need to use it "properly". I've realized though, that anything that makes me happy is the perfect use of that time.

For anyone that may ever face the question "How should I relax during my free time?" I have a small list of 5 things that I really enjoy. I hope this little list can come in handy for you if you ever face a moment of boredom. The only poor way to spend your time is to waste time thinking of how to spend you time.

1. Watch TV.

I know that seems like a very simple solution. It may even seem like a waste of time to some people. For me though, it is very relaxing. I love being able to sit back and watch other (fictional) people's lives. I love being able to connect with characters. There have been times a simple TV show has made me cry. I love that I can be so emotionally invested in something like that. It helps me see the struggles that other people face and see aspects of my life mirrored back to me.

Being so busy during the hours that the shows I like actually air, I like to DVR them and watch them when the kids are in bed. It may seem odd, but it makes me feel like I am not missing out on something. I hate to feel like I am giving something up. My shows are something that I have always loved, since I was young, and it means a lot that I get to keep that.

Aside from the DVR, I tend to choose Netflix quite often. I love to go back and watch things that I watched as a teenager. It allows me to relive a simpler time in my life and appreciate the stories from a new perspective. It is also very comforting to already know how the story turns out and just enjoy the journey again.

2. Take a bath.

Again, this is so simple. During the day when I am with the kids, it is basically impossible for me to even take a very quick shower, let alone a bath. When I was younger I so enjoyed the whole routine of showering, applying skin care products and cosmetics. Now, taking care of others is already my job, and the time I get for myself is usually rushed and seen as work. It is so nice to just take an hour and enjoy a long, hot bath with a luscious bath bomb, soak in all the amazing benefits form the  bath bomb and get the relaxation benefits of just being still and enjoying taking care of myself. Sometimes I like to put on some music, others I just like to think. I always feel amazing afterward.

3. Play a game.

When you want to be alone, but you still want a bit of interaction, games are a really fun way to achieve that. I often find myself getting sucked into games on Facebook or on via apps on my phone. I recently found an app that I love. GSN Casino has a variety of games that I already love watching on TV. I love the familiarity of playing games I already know and have wished I could play in real life.

GSN Casino has tons of great games like Dal or No Deal slots. Deal or No Deal is my husbands favorite game show to watch and one of mine too. There is also Wheel of Fortune slots. I have loved that show since I was very young. There are card, slot and bingo games.

The games are so much fun. I use the GSN Casino app for Android on my phone. My kids (especially my son) use the GSN Casino app for IOS on their iPads. It is such a fun app. The games are free to download and to play. It is so fun to have a little friendly competition. Although it is not a real achievement, winning always feels good. It is fun to be part of a community of other players all enjoying the same things.

4. Read.

As much as I love TV for series, I prefer books to movies, because there is more detail. I love getting all the aspects of the story. I like to be so involved I feel like I am living it, and books are an amazing way to do that. Reading is so under-appreciated in today's world. I love the feeling of being so connected to a story that I am in literally pain when it is over.

I used to read all the time in high school and I used to keep making excusing that I was too busy once I had kids, but it feels so amazing to cuddle up with a good book and get so invested that I completely forget my surroundings. I can literally leave all my stresses behind and forget them for a short time.

5. Write.

You don't have to write the great American novel. No one ever has to read what you may write. You may never even read it again. You may just throw it away, but it is so nice to let your feelings out, write down your deepest thoughts, or just write something fictional.

Being creative gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I really love to write poetry. Even if no one else would ever like it. It is raw and real and even when I am my toughest critic, I like it. I hope to write a book one day. I may jot down notes here and there for it, but I when I really go for it, I want to be all in and focused. It is relaxing to open my mind, get ideas and let my problems out.

Of course, whatever you do, the most important thing is to make your you time really be about you. Don't spend it worrying or feeling guilty. Whatever you do, never waste your time being bored. Do something you love. Pamper yourself, create something, journey to another world. Just do something for you.

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