Saturday, November 14, 2015

Live Well with Amwell - Get a Free Visit

 *This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.*

Life today is so busy. We are always on the go and more and more things are being done online. We shop online, order food online, we talk to our friends and family with technology. Our dictionaries, calculators, alarm clocks, cameras and so much more is all on our phones. It makes life so simple. 

You shouldn't have to stop what you are doing and make an appointment, and wait just to get information, that could easily be provided with technology. If you need medical advice without needed immediate medical treatment, why should you have to sit in a waiting room or go to a clinic or hospital just to get told what you should do?

Not only is that a waste of your time, it is a waste of other people's time. If there are people who really need treatment(like for a broken bone or a cut or something hands on), they have to wait behind people just needing information; that is bad for everyone.

With Amwell, you can get medical advice from anywhere, via your computer or smartphone. If you are on vacation and get a massive sunburn, you can find out the best way to treat it, without looking for a doctor in a new place or interrupting your trip. If you sprain your ankle at home, you can find out how to treat it without having to drive(with a hurt ankle) to a doctor. How many first time parents wonder "is this normal?" Now you can ask quickly and easily from anywhere.

It is not just advice either, Amwell doctors are real doctors. They can write you prescriptions if needed. They get sent to your local pharmacy for you to pick up. Now if you have a rash and need cream, you can get it without waiting at a doctor. If you have an infection and need an antibiotic, no waiting hours to be seen or days for an appointment.

Amwell is so much more than a medical solution. Amwell also offers Diet & Nutrition consultations. No need to find a nutritionists office and wait for an appointment and try to fit it into your schedule. Now you can ask all the questions you have, get all the answers you need and still do everything your busy life entails.

As great as the medical and diet & nutrition aspects are, I am even more thrilled to have the option to see a psychologist from the comfort of my home. We all get overwhelmed sometimes, and usually we don't want anyone to know when it gets to a breaking point. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, a way to let our emotions out and some real advice and insight from an expert. 

I don't drive. My husband (who drives me) works a lot and even when he is home, it is very hard for me to do anything without my kids. I've wanted to visit a psychologist before, but had never been able to. Now I can do it on my laptop while the kids are at school and my husband is working. I can let out my insecurities and doubts and my stresses and things that upset me. I can do something to take care of myself and make me a better wife and mother.

I just did my first session with Amwell Psychology a few days ago, and it was amazing. I felt so much weight lifted of my chest. I literally felt physically lighter. Stress may be mental and emotional, but it can cause real physical symptoms. If Psychology is something you have ever wanted to try, but you were afraid of what someone would think or were too busy to do a regular appointment, there is no excuse not to try it now.

It really is so therapeutic. I have struggled with depression since i was a teenager. While I am able to handle things so much better now, there is a difference between handling and healing. Being able to carry all your problems may make you feel like everything is fine, but learning how to set them down takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

Amwell can help you to be well. You can learn about nutrition be healthy, you can treat your ailments with advice from a doctor and you can be much happier when you work with a psychologist to talk through your problems, vent your feelings and even find solutions.

Best of all, right now, you can do it for FREE. Use code CARENOW15 to get you visit completely free. Use it on any of Amwell's services. Unless you happen to have a medical situation come up, I would recommend the psychology. It really is wonderful. No more excuses. Take care of yourself and let Amwell take good care of you.

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