Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gift of WWENetwork

It is that time of your. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and the busiest shopping season is not far behind. There is still a lot to do and probably many people on your list to get gifts for. I have heard a lot of people talking about Black Friday sales and getting in line early and things like that. That may be cool for some people, but I like to sleep, I hate crowds and I don't want to battle a thousand other people for a chance at one of 10 available items.

Not only that, but many times Black Friday Deals are not as great as they claim to be, and there is not even always things that I want, or think my recipients will like. I like to give gifts that are thoughtful and personal. I want something that will actually be used and enjoyed, nit just sit in a closet or *gasp* be returned.

When you are shopping for someone who already has almost everything it is especially hard to find things they will actually use. That is why I like consumable items (food) and experiences(concert tickets, sports tickets, movie passes, etc). Now I have one more item to add to my "great gift" list. The gift of WWENetwork.

I am one of the biggest WWE fans on the planet probably, so I have always known a gift from WWE is perfect for any fan. And I have subscribed to WWENetwork since the very fist day it launched. I just enjoyed watching Surviver Series on WWENetwork just this past Sunday, a PPV that would cost $55 if purchased through my TV service.

Since WWENetwork is only $9.99 for the whole month(which includes the PPV each month), it is a steal. It's better than Black Friday by far. My WWENetwork subscription is something that I use every day with around 4000 hours of original content, and more being added all the time, there is always something new to enjoy.

I have wanted to gift WWENetwork to many people, but I don't want my card being charged every month for someone else. I am so thrilled that now I can gift a WWENetwork subscription with a gift card that can be purchased at Walmart, a store I always shop at anyway. I can even use cash on to buy the gift card if I want, which is awesome. I just pay once now and the recipient can add the card to their own account. It is prepaid so they won't be charged when it runs out unless they decide to continue their subscription.

The card is $30 for 3 months of WWENetwork. I can choose to gift just 3 months to people who I may not be as close to and I can buy more cards to give 6, 9, even 12 months if I want to. Best of all, if I start off with only 3 or 6 months, I can always give another card for a different occasion(like a birthday) later on. It is a gift that you can give over and over.

As a fan, I can tell you that although I already have a subscription, I would be thrilled to get this as a gift. If i didn't already have one, it would probably be the best gift ever. For a WWE fan, there is nothing like every PPV on top of unlimited access to thousands of hours of WWE programming.

With WWENetwork you can relive the Attitude Era and every old PPV there has ever been. You can watch the journey of new starts from the very beginning with shows like Breaking Ground. You get tons of exclusive interviews, podcasts and videos and even reality shows like Legend's House and Total Divas. There is something for every fan.

If you want to get a gift they are sure to love, something that won't sit around and collect dust, something they can use every day and never get the same content twice, the WWENetwork gift card is the perfect gift. Best of all, you won't have to search for a sale, because it is always a fantastic price. Of course they joy that comes from WWE programming is priceless.

Have a hardcore holiday *Bang! Bang!* 

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