Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starlooks Utopia Looksbook Review

You all know how much I love Starlooks and my Looksbook subscription. It is like a gift in my mailbox every month. It is so much fun to get a surprise, especially when it is high quality cosmetics. I am so excited to show off my newest box, the Utopia edition. It is fabulous, as always.

This box is really exciting. I love the Utopia concept and the color palette is really great. They are earthy tones, but with some fun color. This is a little different than what I normally wear, but the colors fit my personality very well.

I really love how well the colors coordinate with each other. I am not the most daring with my looks, I much prefer when the colors are cohesive and look very matched rather than having a super bold aspect that stands out from the look.

This has just the right products to create an entire look alone or with minimal added products. It contains an cream eyeliner, cream blush stick and a lip gloss. Great for a simple yet polished look, even on the go and in a hurry. The awesome custom box makes it perfect for travel.

The "Abstract" Cream Blush Stick is great. It is so good for travel and much neater to apply on the go than pressed blushes and especially loose pigments. It goes on so smooth and does not feel thick or sticky like some cream products do.

This has a perfect powder finish. I love that this has some rich color to it. It is not too dark, and not too bright. I don't like the excessively red, pink or orange looking blushes. This looks more natural, especially with these products.

The "Concrete" Cream Eyeliner/Eye Base is fantastic. I love that is is light and neutral, but it really helps my eyes to look open and bright. I have very small eyes, so anything that helps them look larger or helps them pop is wonderful. The cream liner is so easy to apply, even for me. It glides on like silk it is so smooth and feels amazing all day. I am so in love with this formula.

To finish the look, the "Ideal" Lip Gloss is perfection. I was worried the color would be too dark or too reddish for me, as I usually opt for more nude or light pink tones, or sheer plums, but I immediately fell in love with this shade. It even made my lips look fuller, which was not my objective, but a really nice perk.

The color is so great, it is dark enough to make a statement, but it looks seamless and simple. The shine is stunning. I love having the wet effect without it looking too thick and without having to have shimmer. It is a very nice addition to my collection, I had nothing like this until now, and my lip gloss collection is very full.

As with all Starlooks lip glosses, it is so smooth, it stays creamy and keeps my lips moisturized all day long. The color stays true for hours without me having to reapply. My lips even feel soft after I take it off. This lip gloss is a true essential.

Of course the products are only as good as the looks they create. That is often my problem, as I am far from a pro at application. In fact my skills are strictly beginner. With that taken into account, I think the products look great on me. I wish I could do more with them, especially after seeing the gorgeous looks on the tips booklet in my Looksbook.

While my makeup will never look that good, I have to work with what I have, and I am pleased with how the look turned out. All I added was a touch of mascara. I probably should have used foundation too, but it is what it is.

With the holidays right around the corner, there will be so many gatherings to attend and so many gifts to buy. LooksBook by Starlooks would not only make a fabulous gift for any lady in your life, but it would be a great way to have a perfectly designed look all ready to grab and go in a custom designed box. What are you waiting for, the deadline for the AMAZING(I got a sneak peek) November box has been extended to Nov 25th. Subscribe now to get the exclusive collection.

*Although I received this Looksbook to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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