Saturday, March 23, 2013

AXE Apollo and Face Care Review

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, I am sure you have heard of Axe products. And most of you have probably tried them or known a man that uses them.

If somehow you have been missing out all these years, then I feel very bad for you because Axe is amazing.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Axe was when my big brother started using it. He was(is) like my idol, so even beyond the fact that is smelled amazing, I thought Axe was the most awesome thing ever.

Although there(even at this time) were several different scents, they all had that unmistakable Axe quality, and I could tell they were Axe just by the scent. I would be on the prowl in my high school inhaling all the Axe wearing guys(not that I even had the nerve to speak to them).

I can practically still smell it just by thinking about it.

When I first met my husband(when I was 16) I could not afford expensive gifts and such. The first thing I even got him was an Axe Phoenix Gift Set, and  he LOVED it.

That became like the signature gift, and even now when I buy him bigger things like electronics and sports memorabilia, I still always make sure I get him Axe products too. I love trying ll the new scents, and so does he.

Axe is my favorite thing to give him, because it is also a gift for me. I get to smell it every time he wears it. Win win.

So of course when the new Apollo scent came out, I know that it was something we had to try.

I knew it would be fabulous since it is Axe, but even I did not know how incredible it would smell. I is beyond words.

My husband loves it of course, and the scent is almost hypnotic. It is so amazingly good. I wish I was able to really describe it to you, but out of this world(hence the name Apollo) is all I can say.

The fragrance as described by Axe is: A Fresh, Clean, Masculine scent which combines Fresh Sage with Crisp Mandarin and Smooth Sandalwood to make every guy smell like and irresistible hero.

My husband tried 3 products form this line so far, and they are all amazing.

Apollo Shower Gel:
I have to say again how fantastic this smells. I is so intoxicating. It is practically a magical spell, you will have a hard time not falling to it's power.

But a body wash needs to do more than smell amazing. It needs to clean well and also take care of ones skin. And of course, this does that and more. It cleans off all the gunk and grime that a hard day and a dirty job brings, and revitalizes your mind as well as your body.

It does not dry out the skin nor damage it by being to harsh, but equally as important, it also does not leave behind any residue or make skin feel tight or filmy.

Everything you need and none of what you don't. Perfection in a bottle.

Apollo Dry Deodorant:
This wonderful Anti-perspirant and Deodorant(Invisible Solid) lives up to it's name. It could dry up the ocean. There is absolutely no fear of wetness or odor while using this product.

My husband works hard, outside in the hot Florida sun, running around all day at work, and he sweats everywhere(face, legs, back etc), everywhere except his underarms. If this keeps him fresh and dry, it will work for anyone.

Apollo Fresh Deodorant:
This wonderful Gel Deodorant(non anti-perspirant) stick smells to fresh, clean and masculine. It will last all day and keep you free from odors. This will not interfere with your body's ability to cleans itself by sweating.

If you want a non anti-perspirant deodorant, you cannot find a better one than this.

Hubby wears this when we go out anywhere besides work when he wants to smell fresh and is not worried about sweating anyway.

My son always tries to wear this too. He is 5 1/2(an autistic) and daddy is his hero.

The Apollo line also includes Body Spray and 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, and I know I have to get those for hubby immediately, he;s already asked me for them, and I surely want to smell them anyway.

And if you thought Axe was a one trick pony, well you are very sadly mistaken. Not only does axe make all the epic body and hair products, but they also make Face Products.

Hubby tried 6 different product, from 3 distinct lines. Each was fabulous.

Axe Controil Oil Skin Face Scrub:
Hubby really likes this one. He does not really have oily skin, but loved the freshness, the cleansing and the gentleness of this product.

I actually used this one too, because I do tend to have oily skin, and this smells so fresh that is is not exclusively a masculine scent(although it is not feminine). It smells kind of citrusy and bright.

It really cleaned so deep, my pores actually looked smaller because they were so free of impurities. The scrubbing beads gently but effectively polished my skin leaving it looking clean, clear and radiant. I had a dewy glow that is very rare for me.

Hubby will not be getting this one back. I think this will be my new go to face cleanser. I am in love.

Axe Chilled Cooling Face Wash:
Hubby really loves this face wash. He says the cooling effect is really invigorating in the morning and helps him get energized before work, and it really helps perk him up after a hard day too.

He said his face felt super clean after using this, and that his skin was moisturized and it certianly felt smooth and sexy to me.

Plus is smells awesome.

Axe Chilled Shave Gel:
Hubby much prefers shave gel to shaving cream, but he said that this shave gel was on a whole other level compared to his usual brand. He loves the cooling aspect, but he also loves the protective and caring aspects.

He said that his shave was super close and felt like shaving with a feather. His face is pretty sensitive sometimes, especially while shaving, but this made it effortless and painless.

He would sometimes get red patches(razor burn?) on his face, but there was not even a hint of anything. His face was a soft as a baby's bottom, which I love. No scratchy stubble to irritate me. Yay!

Axe Chilled 2 in 1 Face Hydrator & Post Shave Gel:
After a great shave or a face washing, it is important to hydrate your skin. This 2 in 1 is amazing. It takes the place of a lotion to be used as an everyday face hydrator, but it is also a post shave gel to take the place of an aftershave.

This is so much more moisturizing than an aftershave too, and it is way more chill. This is a super refreshing way to keep your skin kissably soft. My husband loves it.

Axe Shield Foaming Face Wash:
As much as my husband loves the Chilled products, I think he likes the Shield a little more. As I said, his skin tends to be sensitive, and these are specifically designed to care for sensitive skin(not that the Chilled are in any way harsh).

This is a foaming wash wish is awesome and super gentle, no scrubbing beads or harsh, thick cleansers, only soft, gently foam that still deep cleans for fresh, irresistible skin.

Axe Shield 2 in 1 Face Hydrator & Post Shave Lotion:
This ultra smoothing face hydrator and post shave lotion is perfect for sensitive skin. It is very rich in moisture, but it feels light and smooth on skin, not thick, heavy or smothering. It never feels slimy or oily, and skin never feels dry.

It truly soothes the skin, so no matter what you put your face through, this will repair and protect it.

Every Axe product we have tried has been magnificent. If you(or the man in your life) have never tried Axe, what are you waiting for? You are not likely to find anything better, and I guarantee you will NOT find anything better in this price range at all.

Axe is it. Axe is the brand that hubby and I trust, and the brand that I will buy for my son when he is older. If I buy personal care products for my brother, dad, uncles etc, it is and always will be Axe.

With Father's Day not too far off, I strongly suggest the gift of clean, healthy and fresh smelling skin, hair and face with Axe.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. My husband loves AXE I bet he will try this one soon!

  2. I didn't know they had a facial line! :) Hubby might actually use this since he still get acne.

  3. My Z loves his Axe, too. I need to get more of this Apollo line!!

  4. I'm so glad you gave this review because I always see the commercials but I don't want to buy it for my husband because they are so unrealistic! Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow this would be soo nice for my guy ill check in these

  6. This is all my hubs uses and he smells amazing ALWAYS!

  7. Hubby loves Axe never tried the Apollo line plus never heard they had a face line definitely on my list of things to try out now :)

  8. This is a good review, but it isn't something that I would buy. I know a lot of people who love Axe, but I cannot handle the smell at all.

  9. My Hubby uses Axe religiously...didnt know there was a face care line we will most certainly look into this. Thanks for the info!

  10. Axe is so cool. My hubby has phases that he loves it, I like that there are always new scents.

  11. My fiance used this.. He likes the anarchy smell.. I think he needs to switch it up and try some of these!

  12. I didn't realize Axe made all those face products. I will have to let all the men in my life know about this! Thanks for an awesome informative post!

  13. We love Axe but I had no idea they made so many different products! My favorite is the orange peel body wash

  14. My husband doesn't use any AXE products, but I wish he did!

  15. this line of product is great! great review!!

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