Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Starbox Review

Any of my regulars already know about my addiction to Starbox. I have been review these amazing monthly boxes since October, and it was love at first sight. Evey month is just as good if not better than the last, and I am always in awe of the value of products I get for such a small price.

After I had received Starbox for 4 months of reviews, I knew I had to subscribe(starting last month) and continue reviewing them for you. That is how much I love Starbox.

What I love about Starbox is that they don't send just sample sizes, you get 3-4 FULL Size products each month. And also, you don't just get a "sampling" of products. Each month's box has a theme. Which means that the products are coordinating, and designed for a specific look.

You even get a lookbook each month which serves as a preview of the products you will receive, but also shows you ideas on how to wear the products.

It is awesome to get these designed looks, especially for those that are maybe timid about trying new colors and such. I am very set in my ways when it comes to buying cosmetics. I stick to my Signature color palette that I have used for years.

The trouble with that is that my look doesn't evolve and I always look the same, even when I get new products. That is why I adore Starbox for giving me an excuse to try something new. And I always end up loving it, even though I would never have tried it on my own. It's like hidden treasure every month.

The March Starbox was everything I expected and more. I am so impressed.

As you can see, this box is packed with awesomeness. You get 3 fabulous full size products, plus a bonus mini lip scrub.

Lipstick in Flutter:
This is the BOLD item in this month's box. This beautifully bright shade of rusty, golden, bronze-red will make any look POP.

This color is so gorgeous, but nothing like what I would choose for myself(which is why I loved getting it). I usually stick to nudes and soft pinks and mauves, and maybe some berry tones for my lips.

I am so in love with this. It is a bright shade, but also has the notes of Gold and the shimmer to make it more in my comfort zone. It fits me much better than most brighter tones.

And of course, the quality of the lipstick itself is magnificent. It is so creamy and moisturizing. The color stays vibrant for hours. It feels amazing on, and your lips even feel hydrated and soft when you take it off. It's amazing.

Eye Shadow in Disarray:

Although this is a dark color, it is still a very neutral item. This color will go with almost anything, which is great because you can pair it with other neutrals, or use it with a bold piece(like the Flutter lipstick) to get a fierce look without fear of clashing or going overboard.

To be totally honest, when I first saw this, I was a little worried about how it would look on me. I used to play with my mom's bright and dark blues when I was a kid, and I would end up looking like a clown(Remember Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?). That is always my fear when choosing a darker or brighter shadow.

I will gladly admit now how wrong I was. I adore this color. Although it is blue, it is a very neutral shade, and actually appears very smokey.

I think it looks good alone, but I think it also goes great with sparkle. I added some Starlooks Glitter Glam in BB Pink that I already had, and I think it looks really awesome that way.

You could do so many things with this, but adding pinks to dark colors like this is so fun and gorgeous(in my opinion).

Lengthening Mascara in Black:

This mascara is phenomenal. It does not clump at all. No fear of spider eyes. It does not flake or look dry. It stays on through everything, all day(and night).

It looks natural, and voluptuous with the perfect healthy sheen.

I have very very small lashes, they almost are not visible without mascara, so I need a mascara that really does it's job. This certainly does. If it works for me, then it will be amazing for everyone.

Bonus Lip Scrub:

This stuff is FANTASTIC! It tastes delicious, like a creme Brulee for your lips. It is so gentle and yet so effective.

It makes lips super soft, moist and kissable. The only "flaw" is that you will want to eat the whole thing at once. I love this so much.

When you put all of these products together, you get your March look. It is so fun and original. I never would have put this together on my own, and I think it is different but awesome.

Check out the finished look.

I used the Flutter Lipstick on my cheeks to to give them a little hint of color and pull the look together a little more.

This is with the Glitter Glam on the eyes. You can't really see the full effect in the photo though.

You are probably wondering how much all these wonderful products cost. Well, if you were to by them all separately(without the bonus scrub), it would be $40 plus shipping. But if you are brilliant enough to subscribe to Starbox, it is only $15(plus $1.98 shipping) each month.

I bet you are kicking yourself if you missed out on this awesome box for such a killer value. Well, you should be, but don't worry, you can buy past Starboxes(while supplies last) for the awesome value of only $25. 

You can also(of course) buy any of the items separately as well. But I highly suggest that you subscribe now and save all the regret of missing any more incredible boxes. But hurry, the cutoff is the first of each month, after that, your subscription will begin the following month.

I just got another awesome Starlooks product too, and I am posting the review of that very soon, so be sure to check that out(you won't want to miss it).

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on this box, the individual products, my finished look, or anything else. I love hearing what you think.


  1. really nice colors! looks great!

  2. I would've loved that Star Box!! Those are colors I normally wear. Love the lipstick on you the most.

  3. Great review! The Star Box sounds like a great deal!

  4. Rock that look girlfriend!! Looking fab and awesome review as usual

  5. I usually stick to my chosen few also, but I think it's time to get a Starbox. Especially if you get the Lookbook to use as a guide. That lip color really pops on you!

  6. Your eyes look incredible with that blue.

  7. The blue eyeshadow looks amazing on your eyes! All the make-up you are wearing looks so pretty on you! I like everything that was in the Starbox!