Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Noxzema Review

So I am sure you all know how much I love to find and review all the newest and best skin care products.

Finding something cutting edge is always really exciting, but sometimes I feel like it's not exactly right. The  more I search for new products, the more I just want reliable quality that I can trust.

It's then that I realize, that "old" does not mean bad, it means, timeless. It means trusted. A product that has stood the test of time and still does exactly what it it supposed to.

So when I started thinking back to products that I LOVED but, for no apparent reason, stopped using, my first though was NOXZEMA.

I remember that Noxzema was the FIRST skin care product that I ever used. I remember spending many a night slathered in Cold Cream. It worked great then, so of course, it still does.

Noxzema still has the signature product that has become a household name, but they also have new products with the same classic foundation.

Take everything good and make it better. What could be more simple than that? It really makes you wonder why there is a need for so many other products.

I just got back in touch with my roots with 5 amazing Noxzema products.

Original Deep Cleansing Cream:

This is the timeless "Cold Cream" that every woman should be familiar with. If you ever used this, you already know how amazing it is, and are probably now wondering(just like I did) why you ever got away from it.

If you have never used it, then you are seriously missing out.

This magic cream removes Dirt, Oil and MAKEUP without drying. It leaves your skin feeling super clean and velvety smooth, while looking radiant. It has a refreshing tingle to let you know it is cleaning deep. It wakes up your senses and rejuvenates your skin.

This is all I ever used to remove makeup growing up, and it works so well. I cannot believe I have tried so many other makeup removers, especially since none of them work as well.

Deep Cleansing Cream:

This is the same wonderful Deep Cleansing Cream, only in an updated container. Instead of the classic jar, you can now get this miracle cleanser in a super convenient pump bottle.

Not only does it make it easier to apply, but there is less waste since it does not get all over your hands. This is perfect for when you want to use less and have more of a wash than a mask.


Great for traveling too. Plus it is great to keep at room temperature while keeping your jar in the fridge.


Makeup Removal Cloths:

I love these cloths so much. As wonderfully as Noxzema cream removes makeup, I really have no need for Makeup remover, but until just recently, when I went back to Noxzema, I had been trying everything else to remove my makeup, especially cloths. 


I love the convenience of cloths(in theory), but most times, they do not work well at all. I often need 2-3 cloths to clean my whole face, and even then it was not easy. Eye make would have to be scrubbed off. Ouch.


And then they would also be irritating(in general). Your skin should not hurt just because you removed some Makeup.


And probably worst of all(in my opinion) is that those other cloths are so oily. If I wanted oily, I would use a remover oil.  I am very prone to breakouts and do not want an oily face.


These cloths are a great size(double the size of some I have used). One cloth cleans my whole face easily. 


They are super gentle and very effective. No scrubbing necessary. And NO oily feeling.


They eave my skin feeling clean and refreshed, not slimy and filmy. It even moisturizes my skin.   There is nothing about these cloths that I would change. They are PERFECT!


 Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub:

This is so awesome. I LOVE scrubs. Scrubs are probably my favorite kind of skin care product, but many times they are not everything I need them to be.


I need Deep cleaning, exfoliating, polishing, moisture, and skin clearing, all wrapped in gentle.


This Noxzema scrub is everything and more. Not only dies it clean deep to remove impurities and polish away dead skin to make skin clean and help it stay clear, but it is also Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free and has Salicylic Acid, to really tackle break outs.


This made my skin feel so smooth and fresh. The rejuvenating tingle was wonderful and made me feel so refreshed. My skin looked glowing and healthy too, which is so fabulous.


Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads:


Once again, this product is magnificent. These really clean as well as apply medicine. Every similar product just applies the medicine, and not even well.


Others always dry out half way through applying, and they never remove dirt or oil. Also they are very drying and very harsh on skin, and tend to make it look beat up, defeating the purpose.


These were super moist and easily applied to and CLEANED my whole face. There is a slight scrubbing sensation, which is nice because it lets you know they are actually getting into your skin to remove all the impurities.


You can really see the oil and dirt in these cloths when you finish, and although it is disgusting, it is really good because all that stuff would otherwise still be in your face. 


It makes my skin feel resurfaced, deep cleaned and moisturized. I am so thrilled with these pads. They are so simple and yet so effective. Most actual cleansers do not work this well, and most pads hardly do anything. The BEST blemish pads I have ever used.


I am so in love with all these wonderful Noxzema products. I cannot believe that I wasted so much time and money on other products that do not even come close to these. 


If it's not broken, don't fix it. Go back to the classics with Noxzema. I know you will love every one of these products.


*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. What an awesome review. I used Noxzema cold cream all the time to take off makeup. You're right, I stopped and never knew why. I gotta pick some up.

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  3. I will say this grew up watching my mom use this and guess what I luv the stuff oh yes forgot two say am a guy and I like two have my face clean as well lol

  4. Years ago I became sunburned while pregnant and was suffering. My pharmacist suggested using Noxema. It's cooling properties were soothing and I never peeled.

  5. I've used Noxema for years since my teens and am now 50- ppl think I look 35 at most. The other key things are avoid alcohol, drama, cigs, and eat as vegan/raw non-processed foods as possible. Its okay to realize self-care is important, dont think you have to sacrifice yourself to ppl that don't deserve your kindness or suck your energy.

  6. I picked up a jar of Noxema for the first time in years and decided to Google it to see what the reviews are. I have always loved the clean smell of it and how fresh my skin feels after using it. I am so glad to see the positive reviews. I am going to start keeping a jar in my fridge to use after I've been out gardening.