Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flat Iron Experts Review

By now many of you are probably aware of my long hair. Apparently that is like my trademark. I always here how great it is and such.

The thing is though, most people don't really know how much work it is or how uncooperative it likes to be.

Not only are washing and condition a struggle, but styling is pretty much out of the question. Like 99% of the time, I don't do anything with it. I wash/condition, air dry and brush. The I usually have it all piled up in a messy bun. Anything else is too much work.  

But I hate the way it looks like that and I get mad at myself for having to deal with all this hair just to wear it up all the time.

I always tell myself that I am going to style my hair, and then it annoys me, and once again I don't.

Even when I have tried to do something with it, the task proves nearly impossible. It is so heavy that most styles never work at all, or fall flat within minutes.

I was loosing hope and did not know what tools I needed or where to get them, until I found Flat Iron Experts. They have everything you need to care for or style your hair.

I knew I wanted to curl my hair, so I had to figure out what the best choice would be. I decided on the Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Roller Set. I also got extra Babyliss Pro Clips For Hot Rollers, and Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo. 

This Macadamia shampoo is amazing. I love it. It smells fabulous. It has such a natural tropical scent. I mean it actual smells real and so natural. I can actually envision the coconut, nuts and fruits. It is incredible.

The natural oil makes this really nourish and repair my damaged hair, and it left it soft, smooth and shiny. It felt incredible and actually stayed pretty manageable( much more so than with other shampoos).

I definitely need to try the conditioner and the other products in this line. I am totally hooked now.

The clips are great. It really came in handy having extra ones so I could use all 30 rollers at once instead of waiting for halt to be done to reuse the clips. These actually seemed a little more durable than the ones in the kit too, not that they really need to be heavy duty or anything.

And of course, the main event, The Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Roller Set.

The set comes with 30 rollers in different sizes(6 small, 8 medium, 8 large, 8 jumbo), 15 butterfly clips and a storage bag(for the clips).

The rollers feature Stay cool ends to make them super easy to handle and spiked teeth so the roll evenly and keep hair from getting tangled(A huge asset for my super tangle prone hair).

There is a high and a low setting so you can choose the heat level best for your hair to help minimize damage.

The Ion Generator emits millions of negative ions to make your hair shiny and healthy and help your style last. And Ceramic generates Infrared Heat to heat up(style) faster and prevent damage to hair. Together, the combination is incredible.

I have never used hot rollers before, so it was a bit difficult for me as long as my hair is. I had trouble figuring out where to part the hair and it was hard to stretch my hair all the way out to roll(my arm was not long enough).

Considering my styling inexperience, I am so super happy with my results. Check out my before, during and after pics.




I think the curls came out great for me having done them myself super quickly with no experience. In fact the only time I ever had "Better" curls, they cost me $100 at a salon, and fell out in under 20 minutes. 

The lasted longer than that and would have been even better had I used styling products or done a better job with the rolling.

I LOVE my hair curled and am so so happy with this set of  rollers. I cannot believe they work this well on my unruly hair. With practice I bet they will be phenomenal.

You can even make softer(looser) waves with these rollers too, and they look great.

They make the perfect beachy look, which is ideal for Florida.

I cannot get enough of these amazing rollers. I am so thankful that I discovered Flat Iron Experts. I know where I will be going for all my hair needs from now on.

If you are looking for the perfect hair tools or products, look no further than Flat Iron Experts. 

*Although I received these products at nos cost, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. Love the way your hair came out.. Great review and pictures..

  2. This looks like an awesome roller set. I have bought several roller set but cannot seem to find one that would do the job but this looks promising!

  3. WOW! You really do have beautiful hair! I used to have long hair like yours and you're right, it's a pain and forget curls they never stay. Looks like you found an awesome roller set though to get such great curls! Great job Babyliss and Flat Iron Experts. Thanks for sharing this review with us!

  4. I need those hot roller! They are so overlooked sometimes and they are amazing, giving curls and volume and at times smoothing! Your hair is amazing!

  5. Fantastic! Your hair is gorgeous! Those hot rollers really work!!

  6. I cant say it enough, i love your hair! But the rollers look like a lot of fun to! I havnt used rollers in years, I might have to give them a try

  7. I love hot rollers! These are nice too with the color coding and the choice of high or low- mine is only one setting.

  8. I would love a new hot rollers set!

  9. Those rollers are nice!! and i think that shampoo is perfect for your hair, it looks really shiny, and conditioned.

  10. Those hot rollers look much more user friendly than the ones I attempt to use (mine just have pins). That must be why I never use them, LOL. I think they might be getting replaced now!

  11. Oh wow! They really made a difference! Beautiful hair!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing! I am looking for a new set of roller too and I will check this on out.

  13. Thanks for sharing the info. I love the baby liss products as well!

  14. Wow your hair looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this! Definitely gonna check this Bapyliss out!