Friday, March 8, 2013

Skinny Dip Noodles Review and GIVEAWAY!!

As you all know, I am watching my weight(well more like actively dieting). I am trying to lose the pounds and am doing fairly well, but there are some times that I am just starving.

I always eat healthy snacks when that happens, but even then I sometimes worry I am getting too many calories. I was searching for a miracle food that I could eat as much as I wanted and not sabotage my calorie intake.

And amazingly enough, I actually found one! Skinny Dip Noodles!

These Shirataki Noodles are incredible. They have ZERO Calories. They also have ZERO Carbs and are Soy Free and Gluten Free.

I seriously cannot believe that I can eat these in unlimited quantities without gaining weight.

They even come in 4 awesome noodle shapes(as well as in "rice" pearls).




Angel Hair:

I am not going to say that they are the most delicious, because they actually have no flavor. But the beauty of it is, they absorb the flavor or any sauce you use on them.

Any sauce would be wonderful on these, but of course, I only want the ones lowest in calories and fat. But even if you are not fully dieting, it is nice to lower you calorie intake and you can replace your normal noodles with these.

I bet a lasagna would be delicious with Skinny Dip Noodles. Or Mac n Cheese, YUM!.

You can also use them to make other foods go further and be more filling. Adding to soups, stews and chili is so perfect. You cannot even taste the difference and you get way more food for less calories.

I used the Macaroni shapes to fill out some turkey chili to get a bigger meal, and it worked like a charm.

It took a small potion of chili and made in into a much heartier meal. I love being able to eat my fill and not fee guilty.

I used these as a snack too. I used the Angel Hair and added a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese(got the idea from one of Skinny Dip's awesome Recipes). Topped it with salt and pepper. The whole bowl had only 35 calories. AMAZING! What can you snack on(besides maybe on or two bites) for only 35 calories?

It was pretty good too. Maybe it could have used a little more flavor(a second wedge of cheese, herbs or something). Adding another wedge would still make it only 70 calories and an awesome snack or side dish(or add chicken or shrimp for a low fat meal).

The versatility of these noodles is amazing. I am so loving this hunger busting miracle food. Hunger will never get me now.

Veggies, tomato sauce and Skinny Dip, a filling, flavorful, guilt free meal. I mean no matter what you use them for you can't go wrong. And even with higher fat/calorie sauces these are still better than having the pasta too.

They have a much chewier texture than regular noodles, but I totally do not mind, and there is a smell from the liquid there are in, but just rinse them and cook for a few minutes and it is gone. It does not affect the taste anyway.

Even better though, they are already prepared so only a couple minutes of cooking and you are ready to eat. Plus they are individually packages, so it is super easy to prepare for just one person. I love how convenient these are.

Anyone wanting to eat less Calories, Fat, Carbs or Gluten should try Skinny Dip Noodles.

And because I feel so strongly about this, we are giving away:
  • 1 Variety Pak  (20 bags assorted noodles)
  • 1 Low Carb Diet  (online low carb website)
  • 1 Cardio Watch  (tracks calories & heart rate)

Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. I would serve these as a substitute for pasta, rice and even ground beef

  2. I'd love to use these in some Asian-style noodle dishes, maybe with some shrimp and sriracha.

  3. I would love to use these with tomato sauce and turkey or chicken meatballs. They would be a wonderful filler and help us keep calories down. I saw these one time on a tv show, maybe Hungry Girl.

  4. I would serve it with curry shrimp for a shrimp lo mein.

  5. I would definitely feel better about eating 2 platefuls of spaghetti & meat sauce with these!

  6. Fettucini Alfredo!

  7. I'd try some of the Hungry Girl Recipes that call for a similar noodle that I can't find here.

  8. I'd serve these with Korean BBQ Meg Tucker

  9. The first thing I'd do is try them with spaghetti or mac and cheese.

  10. I'd make a dairy free version of fettucini alfredo.
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  11. Maybe added to a soup or stew.

  12. I tried some of this brand and liked it better than what Hungry Girl suggests (they are tofu soy noodles). These are a little chewy, but for 0 calories I can live with it! I better check their website for more recipes.

  13. with cubed chicken and alfredo sauce
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  14. im not sure yet but i will find something to serve it with =)

  15. add some stir fry chicken and veggies

  16. lowfat butter salt and pepper

  17. I would substitute for rice pasta etc. the chili looks good with it

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  20. I make homemade chicken noodle soup with similar... it is delicious :)

  21. I'd love to try these the next time we make pancit! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. i've tried Shirataki Tofu noodles before and though i could deal with the texture i could not seem to rinse it enough to get the fishy smell off... does this brand have that issue as well?

  23. These sound very promising, can't wait to try them. Ordered a variety pack. How do I enter for the giveaway?

  24. Isn't anyone worried that these are made in China?

  25. Isn't anyone worried that these are made in China?

  26. Yes, Casey. I had no idea these were made in China. This was my first purchase—and definitely my last! :P