Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pizza Fit'n Free, Words are Not Enough, Video Review & GIVEAWAY

I just cannot get enough of Pizza Fit'n Free. I could write about my love of it all day long, and it would never be enough.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Looks amazing, right? I'd say that is TWO Thousand. But even that is not enough to fully do justice to this AMAZING Pizza.

A Pizza that is Fat Free, Sugar Free, Cholesterol Free AND Low in Calories really needs to be Shouted from the rooftops.

That sounds better in theory than in practice. If I shouted on my rooftop only like 10 people would hear me(well with my big mouth, maybe like 50, lol) and that is not nearly enough.

Then it hit me. In this technology addicted world we live in, the best way to get the word out is for it to go viral. So that is my mission.

I decided to make it my mission to get this product out there.

I reordered my family enjoying the fantastic Pizza Fit'n Free Fat Free Pizzas. Now everyone can see for themselves just how amazing these really are.

My daughter loves it. How cute is she?
"Look Ma, No Hands"

If my New York raised husband likes it, then you know it's good because NYC is all about pizza.

And of course, I am obsessed with this delicious, guilt free, pizza.

If these videos are not enough to convince you, than you just have to try Pizza Fit'n Free for yourself.

And since I want everyone to know how wonderful Pizza Fit'n Free is, we are giving away a($90 Value) Combo Pack! 6 12" Pizzas AND 6 7" Pizzas all for One lucky winner.


  1. This looks so good, I really really gotta try it

  2. Thanks for the video review. Really helps put the product into perspective

  3. She is too cute! lol I really want to try this pizza!

  4. That looks yummy. I am a big pizza fan, I need to get some of these.

  5. hmmm... that is really cool! Love the videos!

  6. This looks so good! Your family is adorable!

  7. I seriously HAVE to try this pizza! Thanks for the review because otherwise I would have never heard about it!

  8. We eat frozen pizza every Friday, so this would be perfect!