Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New York Streets Review

As many of you know, I have very long hair. Many people think that is a good thing, and it can be, sometimes. But there are many downsides to having such long hair.

The longer it is, the older the ends are, making them split and damaged as well as dull and lifeless. And the more you have, the more likely people will notice, making any flaw more immense. It also takes a larger quantity of product to clean or style the hair properly.

Also, in my case at least, you cannot use just any product. You have to use top quality to keep from damaging your hair or making it look like a disaster.

Finding great quality hair products is not the easiest thing to do. There is s lot of trial and error.

But I am excited to tell you that I have discovered a new(to me) line of hair care products that actually work for me. I LOVE them.

New York Streets is such a unique brand. Even the packaging is awesome.
I tried 4 amazing products, and I love them all.

This shampoo is wonderful. It is nice and thick(but not cream-like). It lathers very well(especially for being Sulfate and Paraben free as well as Color Safe), and cleans very thoroughly without drying or leaving residue.

It smells incredible. The scent is still noticeable after washing, which I love. I did not have to use a truckload to get it to work. In fact I used about half as much as I normally use with other brands.

This is just as fabulous as the shampoo. It is nice and thick. It's super creamy and applies so well. It does not feel sticky or heavy, and does not require too much product, and it rinses completely clean(I hate conditioner build up).

It made my hair so soft and shiny. It felt amazingly smooth, brushed flawlessly and stayed untangled all day(my hair tangles within minutes normally).

It smells wonderful also, of course, and the scent really lasts. I love the way this shampoo and conditioner work for me. I am so in love.

Please excuse the poor photos. I could not get any decent full shot pictures.

I love the shampoo and conditioner so much, but I tried 2 other products and they are just as fabulous.

Dry Shampoo:

This may actually be my most favorite product. I love it so much. I cannot wash my hair every night(too much effort, product, water, too rough on my hair). The natural oils actually make my hair look better after a day or 2, but sometimes it looks overly oily and I need to put a stop to it. This Dry Shampoo works like magic.

I have used other dry shampoos and they made my hair feel sticky or dry and like it is covered in residue. It was horrible. This is completely different. It felt weightless, clean an flawless, like nothing was there but fresh clean hair. Amazing.

Check out the difference.
Before and after(not brushed or styled, just dry shampoo).

Is that incredible or what? I could not believe it worked so well. It is my life saver. And even better, it is wonderful for my son too.

He is autistic with very long hair(people mistake him for a girl), and we only wash it once or twice a week. It get's oily sometimes and would look terrible forcing us to wash it more often.

I tried the New York Streets Dry Shampoo on him, and not only did he love using it, it worked wonders. Check it out.

 I also got to try the Wax.
To be honest I have not used this very much simply because I do not really use wax in my hair(looks silly on me). I can tell that this is really wonderful quality though, and my hubby really likes it. He recently cut is hair short again(does it every few months) but says he is excited for it to grow out so he can wear this all the time.

Maybe he will keep it longer for awhile because of this. He always says he cuts it because it won't style right.

If you use(want) Style Wax, you cannot go wrong with New York Streets brand. All of their products are amazing.

I am so glad that I found New York Streets. Now I can replace my other stuff. This works so much better.

Anyone with hair should try these products. I am not exaggerating, they are FABULOUS!

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Your hair! I can imagine you want to use really great products since it's so long. These sounds amazing!!

  2. Wow, your hair looks fantastic!!!!

  3. Your hair looks healthy! That's so hard to accomplish when it's that long. Awesome review!

  4. This sounds great I wanna try it!

  5. Beautiful hair! I love all the photos!

  6. Your hair is sooooooo long! Love the way your hair looks with this products! Gorge!

  7. Great review! Can't believe at how long your hair is! Whoa, love it! it's beautiful!

  8. I have been letting my hair grow out for a few years, and its a whole new experience because I have never had long hair. I will have to look into these because like you said the longer it is the more of a disaster it can be :( i love your long hair!

  9. I love that the conditioner and shampoo are paraben and sulfate free and color safe! Looks like it did nicely on your hair.

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  11. Your hair looks so healthy for being so long! I have long hair too (although not as long as yours) & I hate it when my ends start to dry out. That's when I usually just give in & cut it...I think a product change would be better!


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