Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mirenesse Review

I am a complete makeup addict. I love every kind of cosmetic.

Since I just had Lasik though, I am loving eye products more and more. I have very small eyes, and glasses kind of masked that a little. Also, they really downplayed the look of any eye cosmetics I did use, so while I have always loved them, it was not as important to me until now.

Obviously, I want the very best products at all times be it food, home cosmetics or whatever. But when it is something that will be on my face and not only be seen by everyone, but in direct contact with my skin for long periods of time, having top quality, safe, products is vital.

That is why I am so in love with Mirenesse. Not only are their products Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free, but they are also Alcohol, Synthetic Fragrance, Mineral Oil, SLS, PG, Sulphat and Petrolatum Free.

Mirenesse uses High Quality-Sustainable Australian Organics. Their ingredients are Clinically Tested. They even use Environmentally Friendly Recyclable/Refillable Packaging.

Not to mention that the products are AMAZING!! The colors are bold, vibrant and rich. The products are smooth, creamy, lightweight, long lasting and look flawless all day.

I had the immense pleasure of trying 8 wonderful Inside Out 27Hr Eye Kohls as well as an amazing Touch Up Brow Sculptor Fine Point Pencil & Filling Gel.

Touch Up Brow Sculptor Fine Point Pencil & Filling Gel:

I have the worst eye brows ever, but this really made them look so much better. It was so easy to use. I never use brow products, but I still was able to dive right in with this and it worked very well for me.

The Inside Out 27Hr Eye Kohls are so gorgeous. Every color is breathtaking.









Each and every one of these is absolutely perfect. The a smooth as silk, so they glide on without any effort. They feel light and flexible. You cannot even feel it on. Many eyeliners feel dry and thick, but not these.

They are mega waterproof, and they are smudge, smear, transfer and fade proof as well.

The color is so rich. There is never any fear of faded or weak coverage. This stuff gets it done. An although the color is deep, it is not too dark. Lighter, brighter colors still keep their pigments, they just hold them remarkably well.

I don't think that I have ever used an eyeliner product that was better than these. I slept with it on, and it still looked perfect the next day. Normally, I'd look like a raccoon.

And eve more fabulous, these are not just to be used as liner. You can wear them in place of shadow(or with shadow) as well.

I am still having a blast trying to come up with fun looks for these colors. I did the Hathor and the Ptah together, and I LOVE IT!

A cannot get enough of Mirenesse products. I HAVE to get more. They have everything you can think of and more. I will probably replace almost all of my usual brands with Mirenesse.

If you love cosmetics, you haven't seen anything until you try Mirenesse.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. those are impressive I would probaly end up looking like a clown afterward:)
    SO many great colors

  2. Loving this review! Just reading this makes me want every single color they have.

  3. I like the Mirenesse eye pencil colors that are displayed! I also love getting make-up and trying out different products! Great review!

  4. I tried they foundation recently and it is the best!!!!

  5. I love the swatches! and beautiful colors!