Friday, August 23, 2013

Accessorize Your Accessories with YOYO - Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Now that back to school time is here, parents and kids alike are all determined to have all the essentials. Kids are also interested in everything that is not so essential too, especially older ones. The older children get, into the tweens and teens, the more important having their own style(and expressing it boldly) becomes.

Although pretty much every kid wants to fit in, they also want to stand out and feel like they are being true to themselves. Of course, we as parents want to help with that in every way possible. Unfortunately, we are not all made of money, and sometimes the fashion statements that kids want are out of our price-range.

Thankfully, there are still some really awesome ways to show your child's personality without spending anything, and there are some cool products that don't cost a lot. One product in particular comes to mind for girls. The new Justice Initials Lip Gloss from YOYO.
These are limited Edition Lip Glosses, and they are only available at Justice Shops and They feature the initial in an adorable circular rhinestone plate. 
That, of course, is just the added dazzle. The other portion of this is the fabulous Bubblegum lip gloss.
The lip gloss smells so good. It makes me flash back to my childhood. I totally remember when a bubblegum lip gloss was the equivalent of a diamond ring. I felt so special and grown up.

It even tastes amazing too. I used to hate the ones that smelled good but where not flavored, that is such a rip off. I am so glad this is both.

The clip on this means that it is perfect to accessorize backpacks and purses. I put it on my purse, and it looks fabulous.
The great thing about the clip is that it squeezes open and closed, s it does not need a key ring to fasten to. Plus it swivels while keeping the initial level, so you can clip it sideways or straight up and down. That is great because you could use it sideways(as I have) on a purse strap or belt loop, op straight to go on a purse or pants pocket. It can attach to almost anything too.

All the aforementioned features make this a marvelous product, but there is still one more, and it blows the others away. The YOYO part. This has a retractable cord, so you can pull the gloss about 3 feet from the clip without unhooking it.
It was hard to get a photo that really captured this amazing feature. The cord makes this so perfect for school. You can just reach over and apply your lip gloss without having to undo the clip, or dig through your bag to find it. It can be done in mere seconds on the way to class or anywhere. How convenient.

I love this gloss and I am 25. I wish I had an older daughter that I could give one of these to. My daughter isn't even 2 yet and she is already obsessed with mine.

I cannot think of a more affordable, personal, fun, gorgeous way for a girl to express herself with an accessory. It's like a triple threat. Not only does it attach to accessories(like a handbag), the initial clip is an accessory, and the lip gloss is an accessory. I love it. 
Every young girl should have one of these. That is why I am giving one away. One lucky winner will receive their very own initial gloss. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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