Saturday, August 10, 2013

Airwick National Park Collection - Review

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am obsessed with fragrance. From perfume, to scented body products to candles to fragrance oils. EVERYTHING scented(with a pleasant scent of course) is my passion.

I have to have fabulous fragrance in my home at all times. My husband things I am insane because every time I shop I have to check out the candle/air freshener section, even if I have 40 kinds at home at the time. It is a compulsion, I just can't help it. Much to my husband's dismay, I always find something that I have to have.

I am in love with the warm gourmand(food) scents, but in the warmer months I like to go with something a little lighter and more "fresh", so I tend to learn toward natural outdoor type scents. Since that is not my favorite type, it is more difficult for me to find ones that I truly love.

Recently, though, I did discover a new line of incredible outdoor scents that I am head over heels for. The National Park Collection by Airwick is incredible.
I have only tried three of the scents so far, but they are all amazing.

The ones I've used so far are Acadia, Cape Cod and Rocky Mountains.

Acadia(Sweet Vanilla & Pumpkin):
I tried this one first, since is the one most in my usually comfort zone as it is Pumpkin and Vanilla(two of my favorite scents ever). What I really love about this, is although it is two scents that tend to be used warmly, it is actually quite fresh and bright. It does not smell like pumpkin pie, it smells like a pumpkin patch, a breezy, outdoor freshness and a light, bright vanilla. It is wonderful.

Cape Cod(Cranberry Harvest):
This one is so wonderful. It is bright and juicy. It smells like fresh cranberries, it is fabulous. It has a slight tartness about it that really makes it so fresh.

Rocky Mountains:
This is a very cool, clean scent. It smells like fresh air and a frigid breeze, the perfect little escape fro the horrible heat and humidity of summertime in Florida. I think this is actually my favorite of the three, although they are all go great(and different) it is very hard to choose.

What I really love about all three scents is that they small natural. It really is like being there, which is amazing to me because I have never been to a national park anywhere. I have never even been outside of Florida, so it is a great way for me to "experience" other places, that I would otherwise have no connection to whatsoever. It's like a vacation in a bottle.

Of course every scent of the oil needs the scented oil warmer to make the magic happen.
The great thing about the warmer is that you can adjust the level of scent that you like. You can put it very low for small spaces, very light scent, or to make it last way longer, full throttle for maximum scent that fills your home, or anywhere in between.

I like mine on max. I love the scent to be strong and fill my home. And it really really does. I placed this in the master bathroom(inside our bedroom). Not only did it fill the bathroom, but the bedroom, and even the living room.

You could smell it as soon as you entered the house, and I got many compliments on how great my house smelled. It is great because no one can even see the warmer, and my kids cannot get to it, yet my house smells amazing, all from one little plug in. I would only need one more for the other bathroom and I know it would fill the kids' rooms and kitchen(other side of the house) too.

I cannot get enough of these incredible scents, and the remarkable quality of Airwick scented oils. I cannot wait to try more of the National Park Collection, and the other amazing Airwick scents.

Everyone needs to try these. They are fantastic. My new scent obsession.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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