Monday, August 19, 2013

Be Slick, Not Sick, This School Year With Purell - Review

The time is here once again, back to school. I am sure there are parents sobbing and rejoicing all over the state(and the country) because their children are already(or finally) going to school. Back to school is a very unique time that is full of conflicting emotions.

Parents and kids alike are sad to see the summer end, but parents are happy to have some alone time to recuperate from the (worthwhile) exhaustion of parenting and kids are glad to be back with all their friends all day at school.

While school provides structure, a set routine, it also brings stress and a lot of work for both children and parents. Of course, it is all necessary and beneficial. As they say, "Knowledge is power" and that could not be more true. School is our way of choosing our own destiny, soaking in everything we can and deciding how to make our lives(our children's lives) better because of it.

On top of all the chaos and joy of school, there is one thing about school that always has the potential to create a problem. When you have that many people closely interacting for long periods of time, every weekday, it is hard to keep things to yourself. I mean, of course, germs.

The last thing you want to worry about when going back to school is getting sick because you touched a germy doorknob or desk or bus seat, etc., etc. There is no escaping it. With so many people, there is pounds to be germs, and if unprotected, they can(and will) easily make you sick.

Thankfully, although you cannot hide, you can fight(and win) the battle against germs. Purell has your back.
With the protection of Purell, you can take on everything that school dishes out. If you touch a germy surface, you can just use a squirt of Purell, rub your hands together and POOF, bye-bye germs. No water needed, no hassle, done in seconds.

Purell offers tons of sizes and varieties to accommodate any need from big bottles-perfect for offices or classrooms, to normal bottles-a must in every home, to travel size bottles-personal protection, anywhere.

With the Jelly Wrap Carrier Packs, you can even attach them to backpacks or purses. That way, you don't even need to open your bag to banish germs.
I put one on my son's backpack. He is 6 and starting the first grade. He has Autism, so hand washing is not a favorite activity of his, but he does love having his own Purell Jelly Pack and he likes the cooling sensation and fun smell of the Purell.

He probably uses it even more than he needs to, which is great.

I also put one on my purse. That way I always have it on hand(pun intended). As a mom of two, I am always dealing with messy and potential germs. Not only is Purell a must to carry for my own hands, but I love having it handy(I am on a roll with the hand puns) for when the kids or the hubby need it too.

Hubby also takes a Jelly Pack with him to work. That is extremely important for him since he works in recycling, meaning he has to touch all the bins and recyclables he picks up(and who knows what is on them). He loves the convenience and effectiveness of Purell of continual hand washing too.

Not only does Purell kill more germs than any other brand of hand sanitizer, but it contains moisturizers and Vitamin E to keep hands looking and feeling soft and smooth. Plus, Purell Advanced also comes in a wonderful variety of scents. Not only does that mean it does not smell bad(as may brands do), but they smell really good, and stay smelling good for a pretty long time.

So basically, using Purell Advanced Kills Germs(to help prevent you from getting sick), Moisturizes hands, and makes them smell fabulous. Plus you can carry it with you in a convenient and stylish way, so you never have to look or dig to find it. If that does not equal a must have for back to school(or any other reason), I don't know what does.

So this school year, focus on being Smart, stylish and slick, not sick. School is too important to worry about germs or be under the weather. Take care of yourself, and let Purell take care of you.

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*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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