Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 27 Update

The time has come once again. It's time for my weekly Nutrisystem update. Of course I am so happy to share my progress with you all, but this week I am also beginning to feel a little bit sad. I am sad because this week coming to an end means I have begun my last week on Nutrisytem.

Next weeks update(week 28) will be my last. And although it will be exciting since I have a special giveaway for you all(be sure to check it out), and I will be summing up my overall progress, I am so sad that it is coming to an end.

I have learned how to eat proper foods in proper portions, thanks to Nutrisystem, so I will be able to do it on my own now, but Nutrisystem makes it so easy, that I don't really want to. With Nutrisytem, I do not have to think about good portions or shop for meal ingredients, measure, etc.

I am rarely even tempted on Nutrisystem since the food is so good and filling and I get to eat so much. Fighting temptation and choosing to eat healthy even if it is less convenient will be a challenge, but the motivation I have achieved from Nutrisystem will carry over and keep me going.

I really am going to miss it though. I won't be able to have donuts for breakfast anymore like I had today, and that will be sad, the donuts are so good.
Not only will I miss the donuts(and all the fabulous foods) and the convenience, but I will miss the weight loss. I love the results that I have achieved so far on Nutrisystem, and I only hope I can keep them half as good on my own.

This week I dropped another...

2 POUNDS and 1 INCH!!

That puts my total at...

57.2 POUNDS and 26 1/2 INCHES!!

That puts me very well on track to earn my 60lb Nutribear by next week, whcih is my ultimate goal at this point. I am going to push myself to the limit. I might even *gasp*...exercise. I know Nutrisystem will have my back, and I really thing together we can do it.

As sad as I am about this ending, I am so happy that I did this for myself and gave Nutrisystem the chance to change my life.

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*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own.*


  1. Congrats on your amazing weight loss, and the food looked so delicious! Continued success on your journey and thanks for your sharing.

  2. Congratulation!!!
    Would you mind to participate on my giveaway?

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