Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keep Them Hungry for Knowledge, Not Lunch, with Big Apple Buddies - Review

Back To School is right around the corner. My little man goes back on the 19th, most are not far behind, and some have even gone back already.

Whatever date they start, there is one thing that all kids will have in common, they all get hungry. Everyone needs food, especially kids. Eating right at school is vital. Kids need to be focused on their learning, not a growling in their belly.

There is always controversy over school lunches. Weather they are nutritious enough, low in fat, allergy friendly, etc. Not to mention, they usually don't taste too good. There are plenty of reasons that kids and parents would prefer to pack lunch from home instead.

That is especially true in my case. My little boy has autism, and that has a drastic impact on his diet. There are VERY few foods he will actually eat. Vegetables? No. Fruit? No, Pasta, No. Pudding? No. Pizza? No. It is basically chicken nuggets(or fried chicken, bites, strips, etc) rolls, cheesy bread, chips(some kinds), Goldfish crackers, bacon(sometimes), cookies and fruit snacks.

He is just as picky about his beverages. He does not drink milk(anymore, he used to love it), he drinks a little water once in awhile, but mostly it is juice or juice blends(flavored water pouches, etc). He drinks them by the box every day, and brings 3 to school each day.

Clearly, his preferences mean he will not eat anything offered to him at school, so he brings his lunch and snacks every day. Sending a main course, three drinks as well as a couple snacks each day, requires use of a roomy lunch carrier.

The one he used last year was horrible and the zipper broke(and he only used it half the year after his other one also broke). I wanted to make sure I got something better for him this year. I found the perfect thing, practical, durable and adorable. Big Apple Buddies from Built.
Big Apple Buddies are super cute animal friends that are created to safely and effectively carry and protect your little one's lunch. Not only do they come in five different animals, they also come in different storage types. Including Lunch Bags(not shown), Lunch Sacks and Sandwich & Snack bags.

I got 2 styles so that my son could have a set and, even though she is not in school yet, so could my daughter.

Pearl the Panda:
The bag is so adorable. I love that it has ears, that is just so cool. They are even furry. It really makes it more like an animal bag than just a bag with a fun print. Small details like that can really set a product apart, and in this case it does for sure.
Another seemingly small detail that really takes this bag to another level is the clip on the handle. 
It's really great because instead of taking up room inside the backpack, it can instead be clipped onto the handle on the outside if desired. Not only saving space, but looking fabulous.
It would also really come in handy to attach the bag to other things, like a bicycle. The sack is insulated too, ensuring that food stays fresh for hours, which is very important, especially with the heat we get in Florida. I would be easy for food to spoil and make my son sick. I cannot have that happen.
And although my son is autistic he does understand things and he can speak well, but I still worry he may lose his things or have them taken and not be able to say much about it. Thankfully, this bag(as do the snack & sandwich bags) has a very clear label to display his name, so everyone knows this is his.
I love that the sandwich and snack bags match each other, but still look different, and how they coordinate with the bag, but add a little more color to it. Everything looks so cute together.
The snack bag is perfect to hold my son's Goldfish. Just the right serving, mess free, without all the waste that disposable bags create. Not to mention these are easier to seal and stay fresher longer.
I love that I will not have to waste money on disposable bags, or waste plastic by throwing them away every day. This is so much simpler, greener, and more fun. I love it.

For my daughter I got Lafayette Ladybug:
Lafayette Ladybug has all the same wonderful features as Pearl the Panda, and she is super cute. I love the red and black and her antennae are so cool.

Both of these sets(or any of the other wonderful animals available) would be perfect for any young child to carry their lunch in style this year. They are durable, so they will actually hold up throughout  the whole year.

You will never have to worry that their food is too hot, or getting smashed in a brown bag just rolling around in their backpack. You will no longer be using and throwing away countless zipper bags, and your child's name will be written on everything, so it will never be lost.

And all of all the features you do get, the things that these bags do not have are just as important. They are made with food safe materials and are PVC, BPA and Vinyl Free, and are tested for Lead Safety and phthalates.

Also, since these are secured with a Velcro closure rather than a zipper, there is no chance it will break.

The bottom line is Big Apple Buddies from Built are made to out perform other lunch systems, not just initially, but over time as well. They are made to last, and it really shows. If you are looking for premium quality lunch bags, look no further than Big Apple Buddies. Not only will they fulfill your needs as a parent, they will impress kids with their super fun designs.

So this school year, make sure your kids are hungry for knowledge and not for lunch with Big Apple Buddies.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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