Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nutrisystem week 26 Update

Sorry I am a little late posting this week, things are hectic around here. Appointments, Back to School shopping, hubby adjusting to his new job, and just having both kids home all day(my son had extra school part of the summer because of his autism).

With so much going on, I am actually really glad that Nutrisystem has my back. If I was dieting on my own I would have to think up and then prepare healthy meals, and that would be way too much effort right now.

Nutrisystem makes it SO easy though. Ever meal category is labeled in a different color, making it incredible easy to grab the meal you need without having to search. Plus, since every meal is perfectly portioned, you never have to plan one meal based on what you ate at another meal. Mix and match an entree from each category, add in your veggies, snacks, Smart Carbs, and Power Fuels and you are done.

Losing weight has never been easier. Nothing I have tried before Nutrisystem has worked for me, especially not self dieting, because I had no idea how to eat. I would either starve myself or I would do very low fat, but still consume too many calories(by eating too much of the wrong foods).

Worse still is that most of the other foods I used to eat in an effort to lose weight tasted horrible. Nutrisystem food is delicious, and the portions are quite fair which is VERY important to me. I hate to be hungry.

So far today I already had Golden Waffles with sugar free syrup and a Refreshing Coffee Protein Shake fro breakfast and a fat free yogurt for my morning snack. And I get luck very shortly, followed by an afternoon snack, dinner and dessert.

That is why it is so easy to stick to. Great taste, full belly, easy to prepare, large selection of foods. I mean, what more could you really ask in a diet?

Oh, how about results? Well, Nutrisystem dominates in that area as well. I see the results every day in the mirror and every week on the scale, and I couldn't be happier.

This week I lost...

2.4 POUNDS and 1/2 INCH!!

That brings my 26 week total up to...

55.2 POUNDS and 25 1/2 INCHES!!

I am so so proud of how far I have come so far. I never thought I would reach this milestone, and I am not finished yet. I have 2 weeks left on my Nutrisystem journey. And now that I know how to eat, I will continue on my own.

Oh, and even though I hit my 50lb milestone a couple weeks ago, I just got my 50lb Nutribear, and I am so so proud of it.
My goal is to earn my 60lb bear by week 28(the conclusion of my Nutrisystem journey). Even if I don't, I have already accomplished so much on Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem changed my life. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself.

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*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own.*

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  1. This is so awesome about all the weight that you have lost! I think that this is a great accomplishment in your life, and you look so nice and slim!!!!!