Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mouthman Hoodie Shirts Review & GIVEAWAY!!

As all the parents out there know, back to school is in full swing. Some kids are excited, and others, not so much. One thing that almost every kids does like about back to school though, is the new wardrobe.

From pre-k through college, almost everyone loves new clothes, especially when they get to chose pieces that really fit their own style.

My returning student is six years old, and starting first grade. He has actually been in school for 2 and a half years already though. He began pre-k at 3 because he has ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder-Autism).

School has helped him make such tremendous progress. He was basically non-verbal when he began. Now he can read and speak nearly any word and even speaks in proper sentences most of the time.

He knew his ABCs and numbers before he could even speak them(he would use magnet letters/numbers to put them in order or find the one you asked him to). He could even write many of them before he could say them. But the speech really progressed once he started school. School(and school based speech therapy) has really helped him get so much out of himself.

He really likes school, but I want to do everything I can to make sure that he continues to love it. He really likes getting new clothes, but with him, it is a little more tricky than with most kids. Not only is he picky about styles, but he has sensory issues, so he is also VERY picky about comfort. He actually hates to wear clothes most of the time, and if he has his way, he tried to go naked at home.

So no matter how stylish something is, that cannot be the first concern when shopping for him, and that makes it hard since he likes to chose his own clothes. He looks around online and shows me things he likes(he is a computer wiz), but there is no way to know how the clothes will feel to him.

While looking around online, he found a brand that he like. Actually a brand he LOVED. He yelled, "Look!" I have to admit, I totally saw why he was so excited, this is an awesome concept. Mouthman Hoodie Shirts are so awesome!
I reached out to Mouthman to see about doing a review, I found out even more reasons to love them. The people are so genuine and kind. It is really refreshing to get the authentic emotion form someone. It is so rare these days.

I also found out that Mouthman shirts already have a huge fan base in the autism community because they are sensory friendly. They are soft and silky feeling, breathable and even eco-friednly, making them super comfortable, even for those with sensory issues.

Of course it is not just the comfort that makes them so appealing to individuals with autism, it is the extra special feature of these shirts. When you think of Dinosaurs, sharks, dragons and more on comfortable hoodie shirts, I bet you already know they will be really cool, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Mouthman Hoodie Shirts have special designs on each sleeve. When you cross your arms over your chest, to form a v shape, these designs come together to form a special image of the animal's mouth(hence the name Mouthman).
How awesome is that? I love it. My son thinks it's the greatest thing ever. The fact that he loves them so much makes me love them even more. I am so happy that he is so excited about wearing clothes. He even said "soft shirt". That is a huge deal for him to think so enough to say something about it.

They do feel really soft, lightweight and breathable. I wish I had one for the comfort alone, not to mention the super cool designs.

I was not sure he would keep them on at home without me telling him to, but he did!! I was amazed. He was just chilling out on the couch watching TV in his awesome Mouthman Hoodie Shirt.
Usually he tears his clothes off at every opportunity. This is a huge milestone for him. I couldn't be happier with these shirts. Seeing how happy he is while wearing them makes me so happy. It is totally infectious.

His (almost) 2 year old sister(who completely adores him) can even tell . She likes to copy him, so she will be smiling, clapping, and jumping, just like him. She even crosses her arms the same way. I guess I'll have to get her a Mouthman Hoodie Shirt next. They are all gender neutral(the shirts themselves), but there are some designs that are so cute for girls(like kisses).

Some other reasons that these are so great for individuals with ASD, is that they are like having a constant friend. It is silent, and requires no words to feel the genuine connection. Plus the "hugging" action that you use to form the mouth is really comforting, even for those that do not like much contact(with other people). In some cases, they have even sparked communication in children who were not prone to it.

Mouthman told me that they have had so much feedback from the autism community(which was not even their initial goal), that they are now working on creating a specific line for that, and even an extremely discounted price structure for schools and autism programs. I think that is so admirable.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me when companies really care about thier customers(and potential customers). It is especially wonderful from such a small company who dos not have as much profit. Mouthman even donates shirts to POAC to distribute to families displaced by Hurricane Sandy. I am so touched by their generosity.

And if all of those wonderful aspects were not fabulous enough, for all of you Journey fans, there is an extra little bonus. Mouthman is the creative product of Ross Valory. I am a huge Journey fan, so I thought that was awesome. I know I won't Stop Beleivin'.

The bottom line is Mouthman Hoodie Shirts are incredible. They are perfect for helping People express themselves. Men, women, young, old, male, female, ASD or any other condition, they just fit. I cannot think of any other fashion piece that is so fun, comfortable, unique, expressive, engaging, stylish, gender neutral and ageless. Mouthman is the total package and so much more.

They are perfect to spark excitement about going to school, getting to wear them and showing them off is just so much fun that kid will really want to do it. When school is fun, learning is more fun, and therefore comes easier to kids. When things feel like work, it makes kids(and even adults) less receptive.

I could go on and on all day about these shirts, how great they are, and how much my son adores them, but I will get the best part for all of you. We are giving one away!!One lucky winner will have their choice of ANY Mouthman Hoodie Shirt. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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