Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get Grounded In Style. Groundals Review & GIVEAWAY!!

The Summer weather is here, with a vengeance. Although it is so hot you don't want to even set foot outside, you do want to take advantage of beach and pool weather, get a tan and all that wonderful summer fun, even at the risk of melting.

And of course there are always errands to be done and places to go, so you can't really barricade yourself inside and live in the AC all day.

When you do step out, it is essential that you do so properly. By that I mean in the perfect shoes. Personally, I hate shoes, especially in the summer. I always get the urge to go barefoot get my feet in the sand, feel the sun, etc. But the harsh reality is, that comes with a risk of real burns. If you don't protect your feet from hot concrete, asphalt(especially) and even sand, you will pay for it.

Sneakers are a huge no no. Nobody wants big, clunky, hot, stuffy shoes killing their feet and cramping their style. I know I certainly don't. So what's the alternative? Ballet flats? Not for sand or dirt. Flip flops? Yeah, I guess, but they are so uncomfortable and so casual. I needed something better.

That is where Groundals come in. They saved my feet and my summer style.

They are so cute. I love the shape and the fabulous matte gold color(more colors available), with the classic black soles, they are fabulous.
I love that they have the awesome ridges on the inner sides, under the strap and at the toes to give you comfortable wear, amazing support and a secure fit. There is nothing worse then slipping inside your sandals, and that happens to me all the time.
They fit so well, and feel amazing. I know they are going to stay on, but they are not tight or constrictive at all. They mold to my feet perfectly, and are not too hard, although they are not squishy either. They are just perfect.

When I step, they do not make me bounce, nor do I feel the impact of the ground. It feels like walking barefoot, only better. It is incredible.

The thong design is so stylish(love that look), and best of all, it does not dig between my toes like most thongs do, which is really rare and highly important. The style is perfect to rock with any look. Perfect with jeans, shorts, skirts, activewear or swimwear.

I am embarrassed about my legs, so I tend to wear jeans, even in the summer, and they looked terrific with my jeans(although I desperately need a pedicure).
They even have a fabulous flower design on the bottom, making them not only look more fancy on the bottom, but allowing them to create designed footprints when worn in the sand.
And since there is no fabric or porous material on these shoes, even if they get wet, they remain in perfect condition. Dirt can just be washed away, and you never have to worry about them falling apart, or getting dirty or smelly. They will look fabulous for years. 

Of course the main feature of Groundals is to make you grounded. While I am certainly no expert on grounding, I know that it is how humans were meant to be, and that being grounded as often as possible is very beneficial to us.

For those who do not know, to be grounded it to be in direct electrical contact with the Earth. This allows us to absorb the Free Electrons that the Earth is charged with from the Sun and thousands of daily lightning strikes. These electrons can bond with the free radicals in our bodies, allowing them to become stable.

When we walk outside barefoot, we are grounded, but as I touched on above, that is not always an option. Groundals help bridge the gap. The allow us to be grounded to the earth while still protecting our feet(and dressing them u in stylish footwear).

If you are interested in grounding and all of it's benefits, you really should check out the Groundals website, because they have everything you want to know, and it is so fascinating.

The bottom line is, that even without the grounding aspects, these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes(ever), and when you include the grounding, they are unbeatable. No matter if you want Grounding, gorgeous sandals, practical Summer footwear, extreme foot comfort or all of the above, Groundals are the perfect choice.

I believe in them so much that I want to share the love. One lucky winner will receive a pair of Groundals in their choice of color(and size of course). Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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  1. The most important thing that I have to have with sandals is comfort and second is style. I have to say that these sandals have very good arch support and they look very comfortable to wear walking. Also I love the color of these sandals. They look so vibrant. I just read that they have an amazing feature of grounding. This means that these sandals can help me with grounding me to the Earth and helping make sure I can not get struck by lightening. These sandals are amazing!

  2. I like that these shoes can withstand water, which makes them great for the beach where I live!

  3. I like these because I am interested in grounding. I also think they are cute, comfortable, durable, and would go with most outfits.

  4. They mold to your feet! Awesome!!

  5. I like the way they look and I bet with my big fat swollen pregnant feet they would be SO comfy!

  6. I learned from your review that they have a cute flower design on the bottom!

  7. I like they can hold up to water. Living by the beach that's a huge plus! They also look so comfy!

  8. I had a horrible experience with this company and feel obligated to share. I consider myself to have "normal" feet and have never had issues with "flip flops" The Men's Ion Earthing shoes made my feet bleed. The soles are heavy causing much friction with the black material in between the toes. They got many bad reviews so they pulled their product from Amazon. Amazon reviews are golden. They refuse to send a call tag. They are sticking to their return policy. I will not spend the money to ship them back so I will not get a refund. Their arrogance is appalling and I for one would never treat a customer of ours like they are treating me. I have a picture to prove the bleeding and this problem was not caused by me doing anything out of the ordinary besides just wearing them like normal.

    1. I am really not "unknown" so ya'll do not think that I am a troll...LOL My name is Chris!

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