Saturday, October 5, 2013

Canvas n' Decor Review & GIVEAWAY!!

On the 12th of September my husband and I celebrated 4 wonderful years of marriage. Every year we have a little celebration and exchange gifts. My husband always gets me fabulous gifts, and I do my best to get him wonderful gifts too.

The trouble is since I am a stay at home mom, I do not have a regular income of my own. That often makes it difficult to afford extravagant gifts. Even worse, at times when I do have a good amount saved up, I go all out, which is great at the time, but it makes the times when I have less even more noticeable. Going from about 10 gifts to only 1 or 2 is a very big difference.

Even worse, me getting his so much many times before, he already has so many things, it makes it harder to know what to get him. How do you shop for someone who already has everything, especially on a fixed budget?

The only thing that could match up(in my opinion) is a gift that is heartfelt and special. Cologne(as an example) is not my opinion of a suitable gift on a wedding anniversary, especially if there are not other gifts as well.

So this year I decided to give him a gift that had an emotional connection. What better than bringing to life a special memory?

I wanted a photo gift, but there are so many choices that it is so hard to choose. I did a lot of research and decided on a photo canvas. I found a company that has great prices, great service and incredibly beautiful products. Canvas n' Decor is fabulous!

Canvas n' Decor has Split Panel Prints, Photo Collage Prints, Canvas Framed Prints and of course Canvas Gallery Wraps, which is what I chose. I got a 20x24, and it is perfect!
Photos definitely do not do this canvas justice, it is so stunning in person. The canvas is thick and durable. he finish is glossy and super clear. The color is so rich and natural. It looks even better than the photo from which it was made. This is a thick wrap so it really pops out. It looks so great on the wall and brigs such a sense of stye and elegance to our home.

The best part though, it how much my husband loves it. He is not a super sentimental guy, but I could really see the emotion he felt when I gave him this. He has thanked me numerous times for it and has commented over and over how "cool" it is that the photo could be made into this beautiful artwork.

I could not be more thrilled with the quality of this Gallery Wrap. I do wish our wedding photos looked nicer overall, but this is the best our wedding photos have ever looked. Being able to add the "Until Death Do Us Part" text was great.=, and it not only fit perfectly with the photo, but with the occasion(anniversary) as well.

So not only was this a special gift in general, it was a perfect choice for an anniversary gift. I think this might just be on of the best things I have ever gifted to my husband. Considering how many things I have gotten him and how much I have spent, it is so surreal that just giving a special moment forever captured on canvas art can make him so happy.

I am so glad that I stepped outside of my usual sports memorabilia gifting routine and went with something that actually means something. I think I found a new go to gift. With the holidays coming up I certainly need all the gift ideas I can get, and a gorgeous gallery wrap is something everyone will love.

I know that all of you will love Canvas n' Decor. In fact, one of you will win a 20x24 Gallery Wrap of your very own. I have a really great giveaway for you.

All you have to do to enter is email your favorite photo(ANY photo) to with "Contest andreasworldreviews" on the subject line. You must include that subject line for your entry to count.

The contest will end in one month and Canvas n' Decor will choose their favorite photo and announce the winner on their Facebook page. Enter away. Good luck everyone!!

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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