Saturday, October 5, 2013

Puritan's Pride Halloween Review & GIVEAWAY!!

We all know that Halloween is coming up. As much as we adults like to say that Halloween is just for the kids, it is a huge temptation for us. Even disregarding all the adult Halloween parties that are bound to pop up, there is also the matter of the candy bowl.

Not only will we need candy to hand out to trick or treaters, which will be in the house tempting us for days unless we wait until the last minute, but even once we get rid of that, it is only replaced with all the candy our kids will bring home.

If your kids are like mine, they don't always eat all the candy they get, in fact, they probably don't even like half of it. It is always my luck that the things I like the most are always the things the kids don't eat, meaning they are sitting around tempting me for days.

After all the progress I made this year toward my weight loss goals, the last thing I need is to wreck it all over Halloween Candy. Thankfully I got some products from Puritan's Pride to help keep me on track.
With all of these products, I will be less tempted to indulge in the empty calories.

Cinnamon pills help to manage Blood sugar levels, and contribute to healthy circulation and heart function. Probiotics to help digestion and support intestinal health for proper absorption of nutrients. Green Coffee Bean, antioxidants that contribute to a faster metabolism. Stevia, an all natural, zero calorie sweetener. Ginger Honey Crystals, perfect for tea or adding to oatmeal or other food and drink.

I have been dying to try Green Coffee Bean Extract. I love that it is natural and does not make me jittery or give me any other adverse side effects. The Stevia is great. I usually use sucralose, but I have heard so many bad things about artificial sweeteners. The Ginger Honey crystals are really unique and taste fabulous. Everything is wonderful. I love Puritan's Pride products.

For those not familiar with Puritan's Pride, Puritan’s Pride® ( began over 40 years ago, with the mission of making the finest quality nutritional supplements available at the best value to their customers. Today, the company remains true to its original commitment and serves millions of loyal customers.  

Puritan’s Pride manufactures thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements in their state-of-the art facilities located throughout the U.S. As part of the company’s commitment to quality, Puritan’s Pride only uses ingredients from suppliers worldwide that meet their Quality Assurance Standards, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices food quality standards.

With so many dietary supplements and sweet alternatives I will be able to stay strong in the face of temptation. This Halloween I will be strong. I know that Puritan's Pride has me covered.

One of my lucky readers will have some help fighting temptation this Halloween too with their very own Halloween Survival Kit(everything pictured above, a $67 value) from Puritan's Pride. Enter below for your chance to win.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own* a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'd like to work on managing blood sugar, so the cinnamon pills interest me the most.

  2. The ginger honey crystals sound right up my alley!

  3. I would love to try some of their snacks!