Friday, October 4, 2013

Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine Review & GIVEAWAY!!

I am really excited! Fragrance is one of my biggest loves in the world. I love trying new scents and I love almost every type of scent(warm, sweet, bright, fruity, floral, fresh, musk, earthy, etc.). For air freshers, candles, etc, I love to try it all.  I am pretty picky with the scents that I actually wear though.

I still love all the different categories, but the balance has to be exactly right. I have even had scents that I loved on others that I have ended up hating for myself and vice verse. Certain scents even give me a headache sometimes, no matter how much I love the way they smell. When I find a fragrance that I love to wear, it is a pretty big deal for me.

I recently found an enchanting scent in Exotic Jasmine from Halle Berry.
I love floral scents, but I hate when they are too "flowery"(for lack of a better word). I want them to have a little depth to them and be romantic and intriguing, not just all flowers. This scent gives me the whimsy and elegance I desire with the beauty of jasmine at the heart of the scent. It is so feminine.

The bottle is lovely, and it really fits this scent perfectly.
This scent lives up to it's name. It is exotic. The head notes are Violet Leaf, Neroli and Airy Cyclamen. The heart notes are Jasmine Sambac, Plumeria Blossom and Fluid Hedione. The base notes are White Cedar, Soft Vetiver and Skin Musk.

That combination makes for a complex scent that is a soft jasmine with hints of creamy musk and just a hint of fruitiness, it is divine.This scent makes me feel happy and relaxed at the same time. So many are relaxing and sleepy(almost sad) or happy and very bright, I love the balance of this scent.

It is truly incredible has scent has the ability to transform your mood. Scents can make you feel awake, happy, flirty, romantic, confident, soothed, reminiscent and so much more. The wrong scents can even have the opposite effect and make you feel bad.

Scent is the most powerful sense(in my opinion), and can even bring back memories in vivid detail. I cannot say how many memories of mine are linked to scent. Experiencing certain scents completely transports me to another place and I am actually reliving the memory, it is amazing to me.

I cannot wait to make amazing memories with Exotic Jasmine. My husband loves this scent on me, so I am sure the two of us will be making quite a few. I already have one of him complimenting me by saying, "You smell beautiful!" I always love a compliment, and hubby rarely mentions my scents(and I have quite a few), so that really says a lot about the quality of this one.

I have gotten numerous other compliments on this scent as well. My friends and family have mentioned it a lot, but I have also been approached my multiple strangers in stores and such to ask me what scent I was wearing. Talk about a confidence boost.

If you are looking for a complicated yet simple, feminine, floral scent with depth, then I highly recommend Exotic Jasmine from Halle Berry. Weather you want a scent that will lift your own spirits or one that will attract others this scent is perfect.

I want everyone to experience it, so I have a special giveaway for all of you. One lucky winner will receive their own bottle of Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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  1. The floral scent sounds great!

  2. If Halle Berry makes it's got to be good.

  3. I like the sound of the notes are Jasmine Sambac. It sounds like a great ingredient to put in a fragrance, plus I like Halle Berry's other perfume and I bet this one smells really nice!

  4. dont no i have not tryed it yet but would love to pls. x

  5. I like that it has Halle Berry's name.

  6. I think I'd like the scent but the bottle is just lovely!

  7. I like Jasmine and I like Halle Berry! She has good taste, so I'd expect it to smell good!

  8. I would love to try the jasmine! I am a scent junkie!

  9. Going with the peanut gallery, I love that it includes Jasmine. I am a fan of it from way back when Love's Baby Soft put out a jasmine scent so I'd love to try this one out for sure :)

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