Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rise Above Cancer Like a Superstar

I hope when I tell you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it will not be the first time that you have heard it. A cause this important should be in the spotlight all the time, but especially during the month dedicated to raising awareness for it.

Unfortunately though, all too often, the truly important things in life get overshadowed by trivial nonsense, like who's dating who in Hollywood or what was on TV last night. It is very sad.

That is why I am so happy when celebrities, athletes or companies do what they can to raise awareness. As much as a cause should be important solely on it's merit, it's a fact that people are way more likely to pay attention to someone famous.

It means a lot to me when an organization stands up as an example and individuals who are already role models for many people use their influence to make a difference.

Some of my biggest role models, the entirety of my life, have been those in the WWE. While many of you may not understand why, to me, they have always been my heroes. You can say that it is "Sports Entertainment" and not really wrestling, and you would be right, but that is not why I admire them.

No matter what you call it or how "fake" you may think it is, these people are real athletes just like in any other sport. They really train their butt's off every single day. They really spend most nights of the year on the road, away from their families, to make other families happy. They really risk serious injury every time they step into the ring. They really put their body through more than it should probably take for much longer(careers) than many other athletes do.

Most of all, they really care about the fans. They know that they are role models for millions, and they do so much to uphold that image. From smiling and waving and stopping on the streets for autographs, even when they are dead tired and just want to be a "regular" person, to appearing on talk shows and radio stations, to giving interviews, to showing up to work and putting on a great show no matter what they may be dealing with behind the scenes, to promoting worthy causes like anti-bullying(the Be A Star campaign) and Breast Cancer Awareness as the are with the Rise Above Cancer campaign.

The WWE has launched a full blown attack in the fight against breast cancer. Their weapon is the passion and dedication of all the amazing superstars, and of course, their fabulous Rice Above Cancer merchandise.

Every WWE superstar will be wearing pink gear to the ring throughout the entire month of October. The middle ring rope has been changed to pink for the month as well. And of course, they talk about on every show.

Many of the superstars have their own design of Breast Cancer Awareness shirt. Most are variations of the normal designs, and all of them are fabulous. I wish I could get every single one. I recently had the pleasure of getting a couple to review, and they are so nice.

All of the shirts have the superstar design on the front and "Rise Above Cancer" on the back. I got Alberto Del Rio and John Cena.

Cena's Also has "Hustle Loyalty Respect" on the sleeve and the Susan G. Komen logo on the other sleeve.
Along with the shirts, I also got John Cena's sweatband set for Awareness, and it is phenomenal.
It has to wrist bands and a large band that he wears on his bicep, but is large enough to be a headband for those without huge muscles. The Rise Above Cancer wrist band is my favorite.
The shirts are kind of big on me, but they are so stylish and for such a great cause. I don't care, I will rock them anyway. In fact, they are now my favorite shirts.
Since my arms are so small and I am not one to wear headbands, I decided to rock the large sweatband garter style. I think it looks really cool, and since it is a little unorthodox, it draws even more attention to it(and therefor, the cause).
I am so in love with my Rise Above Cancer gear. Not do they call attention to a very worthy cause, they also look gorgeous. They are super comfortable and very high quality. They are tagless and 100% cotton. 

As if all that would not incredible enough, now through the end of the YEAR(not just this month) 20% of the retail sales price will be donated to Susan G. Komen. So you will be comfortable, look great, be a walking sign of awareness AND be donating money to the cause all with one(or more) fantastic shirt. 

They even have the hashtag #RiseAboveCancer on all forms of social media where you can find all the posts by the WWE and by all the fans who are inspired by this movement. I love checking it out to see all the shout outs form the superstars in their Awareness gear and the words of encouragement from so many fans, and all the thanks of those affected by breast cancer. It is just so toughing.

If you still can't see why the WWE and their superstars are an inspiration to me, than I really don't know how you ever could. This is an amazing company that has been a love of mine since I was a child and I am proud to share it with my own children.

If you are a WWE fan, or even if you are not(yet), please check out the Rise Above Cancer Collection. It is for a wonderful cause.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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