Saturday, October 12, 2013

Peep-A-BOO!! Celerate Halloween with PEEPS!!

Everyone has at least one thing that always has the power to make them nostalgic. I certainly have more than one depending on the occasion. As far as candy goes, I really only have one. There is one brand that instantly transports me back to my childhood and fills me with joyous memories.

Peeps is a brand that I not only relate to Halloween. In fact, the first time I fell in love with Peeps, it was Springtime and a darling little sugared chick captured by heart(and taste buds). My grandmother had given me Peeps for Easter, and I loved them from the very first moment.

Peeps quickly became and Easter tradition, and it grew larger ever year. From Valentine's Day to the Holidays to, of course, Halloween!

Every time I see a Peep, it reminds me of my grandmother. She still gives them to me at any holiday if I see her, and that is such a special tradition to me.

One of my favorite things about tradition is being able to pass  my special moments on to my children, so with Halloween approaching I knew that there was some special little candy friends I had to introduce them to.

While so much emphasis is put on things that are spooky(and even more horrible, "sexy") during Halloween, I love having something so cute to share with my children. I love that my cute little go t candy has a Halloween edition. There is not just one or two varieties either, there is so much Halloween awesomeness. More than I even knew about.
Of course there are the iconic multi-packs of ghosts and Jack 'O Lanterns.
There are bags of adorable, individually wrapped, Snack Size mini Chicks in fun Halloween colors(Purple, Green and Orange).
There are even Chocolate Mousse flavored Marshmallow Cats.
And as if chocolate flavored marshmallows was not wonderful enough, there are also chocolate dipped Chicks(milk and dark) and chocolate covered Pumpkins.
Everything is SO tasty. My favorites are the Chocolate Mousse Cats and the chocolate covered Pumpkins, but the classic Peeps are fantastic too.

My kids love everything too. My son is autistic and super picky, but he loves Peeps, his favorites are the ghosts. My little girl loves everything too, but her favorite are the Mini Chicks. The Mini Chicks are really great though, they make the perfect option for distributing to trick or treaters.

Whether you want to make some lucky trick or treaters extra happy, you want an adorable and festive treat, you want something super delicious or you want to start a new tradition sure to stick with your children(or grandchildren) well into their adult years, as it has with me, Peeps products are the best choice.

So don't be scared of tricks posing as treats. This Halloween, get Peeps and know you made the right choice.

*Although I received these products at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. I have to get me some of these Peeps because I really like them.What an awesome assortment of peeps.