Friday, October 11, 2013

Yummés Handcrafted Confections Review & GIVEAWAY!!

As a reviewer, I get to try a lot of really great products, and most of them are every bit as wonderful as I expect. Sometimes though, I find products that are way more incredible than I could have ever imagined. That turned out to be the case when I got some Handcrafted Confections from Yummés.
The gorgeous boxes were my first clue that these treats were special. When I first laid eyes on the treats, my mouth watered, even thinking about them has me salivating as I type.

I tried 3 amazing items. Cookie Sandwiches, Brownies and a Signature Cake. All of which were sinfully delicious.

So Very Raspberry Cake:
Moist white cake filled with white chocolate ganache and a sweet raspberry filling. Frosted in our Signature Buttercream then drizzled with pink white chocolate ganache. Topped with Signature Buttercream rosettes and pink white chocolate curls.

This cake is so decadent.For being a white cake, this is VERY rich. I could not finish my piece(albeit it was large, but normally I'd have eaten it all and still wanted more). This is so sweet and satisfying that a little is all it takes.

This is the ultimate "girly" cake, perfect for any girl's birthday or baby shower. Guys will love the taste too, my husband did although he was reluctant to try it at first, but the lovely pint decoration makes it ideal for girls. My little girl certainly loved it. She probably ate as much as I did.

Signature Cookie Sandwiches Collection:
12 divine cookie sandwiches in 6 amazing varieties,
  • Chocolate Chip Champ
  • Mmmm & Mmmm
  • Complete Peanutbutterness
  • Snicker Doodle Dandy
  • Cinnamon Sin
  • Do the Macadamia  
They are all so delicious, the first one I dug into was the Snicker Doodle Dandy, so exquisite.
My other personal favorites were the Chocolate Chip Champ and Do the Macadamia, though they were all extraordinary.

The cookies are mo moist and chewy, the filling is so rich and creamy and the chocolate(or white chocolate) coating is so smooth and silky. They are very generous sized and one is plenty to satisfy a sweet craving.

My husband LOVED them. It's a wonder I even got the ones that I did, because I know he could have eaten them all.

Signature Brownies Collection:
This magnificent box comes with two-each of six tantalizing flavors.

  • Good Karma Apple
  • Salted Caramel Craziness
  • Almond Joyfulness
  • Signature Buttercream Supreme
  • Peanut Butter Me Up
  • Irish Cream Espressogood
They all looked so scrumptious, but being a fan of blondies and white chocolate, I went right for the Good Karma Apple. It is to die for.
My other favorites are the Salted Caramel Craziness, which is too good for words, and the Irish Cream Espressogood.

Hubby was in love with these too, maybe more than the other items since he is such a huge fan of brownies. He is a true chocolate lover, and these definitely deliver.

They are so moist, VERY rich, and filled with smooth cream(and other goodies) and topped with silky chocolate. Every bite is heaven, and they are so filling that you could be good with even a half, although they are so good you'll want the whole box.

I wish I could find the words to accurately describe just how incredible these treats taste, but there really are no words that capture it. I am NEVER speechless, so the fact that I cannot think of more to say about these treats speaks volumes.

Yummés Handcrafted Confections are the BEST treats I have ever had. There are so many other varieties that I am dying to try now, I know that they all must be fantastic.

One of you will have the chance to try any Cookie Sandwiches and/or Brownies you want, because Yummés and I are giving away a custom box(any 12 brownies and/or cookie sandwiches). Just enter below for your chance to be the lucky winner. Good luck.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.* a Rafflecopter giveaway


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