Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Space In Your Home and More Money In Your Wallet

If you are anything like me, you probably have more stuff than you have space to keep it. That is pretty common, and usually it is not overly burdensome. If you are a lot like me, however,  then you are only a few steps away from being on an episode of Hoarders, and that is another story all together.

I have far too much stuff. The worst part is that a lot of the stuff is things that I don't even need, but they are still good so I cannot bring myself to throw them out. I grew up poor so getting rid of anything is hard, let alone anything with even slight value.

One of the biggest problems overtaking my home is the massive amount of movies I own. I have hundreds of DVDs, and they are everywhere. Not only are they consuming the shelves of my TV stands, but they are even just sitting in boxes because there is no room for them anywhere else. It is crazy.
Even worse than the fact that they are everywhere is that all they do is collect dust, because I never even watch them. I cannot even remember the last time I watched a DVD. I DVD everything and watch movies like on TV, so I really don't need the DVDs. So many of them are still in the plastic. What a waste.

I have been seriously thinking of getting rid of them, but I cannot just throw them out. Pawn shops have so many that they stopped buying them, and here I sit, stuck with them.

But I just discovered a site called Music Magpie where you cal Sell DVDs, CDs and Games. This is so perfect for me. Not only can I get rid of all my unwanted DVDs and free up much needed space in my home, but I can also get a little cash for the upcoming holidays. Plus, they even pay the shipping. This is great.

You just enter the bar code of the item you want to sell, and it gives you the price instantly. You can even use the app and just scan the bar codes. It is so easy. I did a few so far, and it is pretty fair. I mean I know these will not go for a fortune, and I didn't expect them to. I am happy to get something out of organizing my home as it.

If you have unwanted DVDs, CDs or games, sell them with Music Magpie and empty your home while you fill your wallet.

*Although this is a compensated post, I only recommend products or services that I believe in.*

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