Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shop Brilliantly This Holiday Season

We all know that the end of October pretty much marks the beginning of the holiday season. While I do, at times, wish Thanksgiving could get all the focus until it arrives and that the gift giving holidays could take a backseat until after that, I also know that trying to wait until the end of November to shop leads to excess stress.

Holiday shopping in general can be quite an undertaking, especially when shopping for children. Adults are pretty good at knowing what they want and hinting(or outright telling) what that is. Kids on the other hand are not even always sure what they want, even if they think they are.

As adults, it is difficult for us to really understand what toys are best for our kids, no matter how well we know them. As hard as it is to shop for our own kids, it is even harder to shop for other people's children. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc. have a huge task when shopping for kids that are not their own, especially those that do not already have kids(or kids the same age/gender).

I have nieces, nephews and friends' kids to shop for in addition to my own, and I am racking my brain to come up with ideas, only to come up with nothing. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a service that helped adults get the perfect toy for their pint-sized recipient? What if it could be done fast and the item was even gift wrapped for you(for FREE)?

Although it sounds like wishful thinking, that is exactly what you can get with the concierge-style, superior, customer service of Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. If you are lucky enough to live near one of the 15 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Specialty Stores, then you never have to worry about finding the perfect gift on your own.

Great service is the most essential aspect of any company. I will take great service and a mediocre product over mediocre service and a premium product any day. Thankfully, though, with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, I never have to worry about a trade off. It truly is the best of both worlds. Amazing service and a huge selection of incredible products that are fun and educational for kids.

You can be sure you are getting the perfect gift, especially if you select one of the 12 winners of the 4th annual Brilliance Awards. There is some really awesome stuff on the list. I got two of the items for my son for Christmas, and I know he is going to love them.

I got him this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set.
I am a huge fan of Melissa & Doug products. I love that they are wood so they are made to last and I know they are safe. I think my son will love doing his own magic tricks. I know I always wanted a magic kit growing up, and this one looks even more awesome than what was available in my day.

I also got him this awesome Lego City Brickmaster Set.
It is Lego bricks, with figures, but it is also a book. The packing itself makes it really cool. It looks like only a book at first glance.
 It is packed with fun Lego pieces though.
My son loves Lego, but he used to be restricted to Duplo because of his age. I feel his is old enough for these now. He has played with the small ones before without incident, and he loved them. He has asked for them many times before, so I know he will be really excited to get this for Christmas.

Both of these products are amazing, but the fact that they were hand chosen by Brilliant Sky as award winners just gave me even more confidence and made the decision that much easier. I just wish I lived close to one of Brilliant Sky's incredible specialty stores so I could go in and get help picking out even more fantastic gifts for the holidays. I need some for my little girl and I trust that Brilliant Sky would be able to help me make the best choice.

If you are shopping for toys this holiday season, I hope that you are lucky enough to live near a Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Specialty Store. If you are, please take advantage of it. Make your holiday shopping less stressful and more productive with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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