Friday, August 30, 2013

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games - Review

If you remember my review of Popar 3D Augmented Reality Storybooks a couple months back, then I know you will be excited to learn about another fabulous interactive product from Popar Toys.

The 3D Interactive Puzzle Games from Popar Toys are so cool.
You get all the basic fun of a puzzle only taken to the next level with the added app, which creates an interactive game in line with the theme of the puzzle. It is like bringing the puzzle to life.

My son LOVES puzzles. He is autistic, and while he loves many toys/games, there are only a few types of things that he always loves, and besides the computer, puzzles are his favorite. He is really good at them too. He only just turned 6, but he is better at puzzles than I am.

He has loved puzzles ever since he was a baby when he got his first chunky wooden one. He was good at them even back then.

Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle games come in 7 awesome themes. There are 300 piece and 100 piece options. As great as my son is at puzzles, I went with the 100 piece puzzles just to make it less difficult and to have a better chance of keeping all the piece(we lose pieces all the time).

The two that I got for him are just right.

Construction Machines:
This puzzles is really cool. It features 10 different construction vehicles(machines) along with their names. They are surrounding a brick wall which is being smashed by a huge wrecking ball.
The game is really cool too. It is a 3D block wall, and you get to use fire, cannon balls(I think) or chemicals to try to demolish the wall.
The effects are really intense.
It is really fun, and it is pretty easy. My son likes the fire the best I think. He used it most. He had a blast with this game.

This one is so cute. It is a picnic basket and a healthy picnic on a nice checkered blanket in green grass with a lovely blue sky and fluffy white cloud background.
The corresponding game for this puzzle is really fun too. You have to squash the bugs to keep them away from your picnic. You even kill each type a bug a different way(taping, swiping, etc).
My son loves it. We have never actually been on a picnic, but he has seen them on TV and such, and he is obsessed with picnics. One in particular shows ants at the picnic, so it is a familiar subject for him, and he cannot get enough.
What I really love about both puzzle games is that you can play with the app(tablet or phone) pointed at the puzzle, but they each include a demo sheet(printed design of the puzzle) that you can use for the game too in case you don't want to assemble the puzzle every time you want to play.
I also love that the pieces are fairly large. Many times with puzzles large than about 24 pieces, the size of each piece shrinks, these were the perfect size. My son was able to put these together in no time without any help. And we have not even lost any of the pieces yet(once again, the larger size comes in handy.)

Overall, this 3D Interactive Puzzle Games from Popar Toys are a great toy/game for kids. They have to use their focus and concentration to complete the puzzle, and their coordination and strategy to play the app. It is really a win win, and so much better than some game apps are for kids.

I highly recommend Popar 3D Interactive Puzzle Games to any puzzle lover or game lover. It's the best of both worlds, just fantastic.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


  1. This looks so fun! I could see my son having a blast with these :)
    I'm not sure where to enter your giveaway, The rafflecopter isn't popping up.

  2. It is really fun, and it is pretty easy. My son likes the fire the best I think. He used it most. He had a blast with this game.Thanks.

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