Friday, October 12, 2012 Review and Giveaway

I love bagels. My favorite style of packaged bagels is NY Style. To me, the taste and texture was the best. And that may very well be the case for packaged bagels.

I have had a few kinds of bakery bagels as well, and the ones I have tried were no better(if not worse) than the mass produced varieties.

So I continued in my routine of buying packaged bagels and thinking they were pretty good.  I have never been to NY so I had never tried a NY bagel and did not realize that they could really be that much better than any others.

Well, thanks to I was finally able to try NY bagels. The difference is night and day. The taste made me so happy, but then I was sad when I thought of how many bagel eating occasions I have wasted on sub par bagels.

Words cannot describe how much better these fresh baked, quality NYC bagels are. I can easily say that they are the best bagels I have every had by a landslide.

I tried both regular size(bigger than packaged ones) and mini size bagels in a variety of flavors.

The flavors I tried are

(regular and mini)

Just as the name suggest this is just a regular(if you can call this masterpiece that) NY style bagel. Soft and chewy with the perfect toasty crunch when toasted.

The texture of these bagels is exactly what I have always wanted my bagels to be. Perfection. They taste incredible. To explain the way these taste is difficult, but since most everyone knows what a plain bagel tastes like, all I can say that is it is like that only different and a million times better. The quality and freshness are really obvious in these bagels.

Perfect with butter, cream cheese, jelly, or any other spread you can think of. Also berfect for makng sandwiches.

Sesame Seed:

All the amazing soft chewy deliciousness of the plain bagel, taken to the next level by adding plenty of nice crispy sesame seeds.

This variety was a hit. Not only did my husband and I love these, but my 5 year old son(who is autistic and a super picky eater) did as well. I was shocked that he ever tried it, and he ate a very nice portion(plain, untoasted)


In all honesty, I am not a huge fan of pumpernickel. However, this is the best pumpernickel I have ever tried, and my husband is in love with this.

If you are a fan of pumpernickel, this bagel will delight you. Nice and hearty, and satisfyingly pumpernickely. Great for sandwiches.

Multi Grain Energy:

These fantastic bagels of joy are packed with whole grains as well as sunflower seeds, raisins and cranberries. A super unique, delicious, and healthy breakfast, or a snack anytime.

This is a bagel you can truly feel good about, and the taste is sure to make you feel even better. Perfect with cream cheese.


I think this is my favorite flavor. The blueberries add a hint of fruity sweetness, but this is not like a dessert, which makes it a great call for breakfast where you are not looking for a super sweet taste.

I ate this with butter, but imagine with Blueberry Cream Cheese. ♥

Blueberries being he awesome superfood that they are, packed with antioxidants, makes this an even more obvious chose.

Also, this was a mini. I love the smaller size, just right for snacking and children or those watching their portion size.

Cinnamon Raisin:

 Second to NY Style, Cinnamon Raisin is always my go to bagel when I used to buy mass produced(or local bakery). This bagel takes the cinnamon Raisin flavor I have always loved and raises it tenfold.

Perfectly chewy and moist with just the right about of bite add the perfect texture to this marvelous flavor. Perfect with butter.

Poppy Seed:

Another favorite of my husband and son(who do not like the fruity kinds). The perfect poppy seedy goodness added to the already perfect plain bagel.

I love how there are plenty of poppy seeds(even after a bunch fall off in the bag). I had many kinds that look like a plain bagel was next to a poppy seed one and got a few seeds stuck to it.

The best part is if you do like less seeds, just brush some off.

This variety is great for sandwiches or in place of dinner bread. Also great with butter.

With you can get high quality, delicious bagels baked fresh and shipped right to your door. Now you can have a little piece of NYC with you wherever you are. What better way to stay connected after moving from NYC or feel connected to someone who is there?

You can also order as a gift for someone local(or yourself if you are local) in any of the 5 New York City boroughs) at a reduced price with reduced shipping.

In my opinion, the best gifts are things that the person will actually really get use out of, and these bagels will be the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

Stop drooling long enough to enter for a chance to win one dozen of these glorious baels for yourself. Enter below. Good luck.

*although I received these at no cost for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for this review*


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  2. Those do look really good. I'm actually a fan of pumpernickel and I love it with ham salad! Grandmas recipe! The BLUEBERRY is what looks the best though!

  3. Multi Grain Energy: for the health benifits they look awesome ty

  4. I LOVE bagels, so give me any flavor and I'll eat it up! But I'd love to try Blueberry, but my favorite has always been Onion.

  5. Multi grain energy looks good for mornings!

  6. Blueberry, my favorite bagel flavor.

  7. I love blueberry. Thanks for the giveaway!