Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trash Dash Review and Giveaway

Having 2 children 5 and under(one autistic), Odors are a part of my life. Everything from laundry to dishes to, you guessed it DIAPERS!

I had come to accept that my home would never smell the way it did before I had children, but I surly was not happy about it.

The worst odor offender? My trash can. I've tried all the garbage bags that "absorb" and "neutralize" odor, and none do what they claim, and the scents are not even strong enough to cover them up.

While air fresheners help for some smells, they do nothing against the trash odors. So I had decided I would have to live with it, very unhappily.

Well, now I have seen the light, or rather smelled the freshness. My trash no longer controls my home. Thanks to Trash Dash, not only are my trash odors gone, my trash actually smells good, and even better, the scent fills my entire kitchen to boot.

Seriously, these smell good enough to be air fresheners, and fit the bill quite nicely. Now, I enjoy being in the kitchen, and so does anyone else who may come in there.

I have literally been told on 3 separate occasions(so far) that my kitchen smelled great. Talk about a great product. It is worth it just for the compliments alone, but  the comfort it creates in your home is the best asset. Nothing worse than feeling as if you need to escape your own home due to odor.

Trash Dash comes in two awesome scents

Citrus Burst:

Which as the name suggests is bursting with awesome citrus fragrance. This is the cleaner smelling scent of the two. This is ideal for everyone. It smells fresh and clean without smelling too much like a "fragrance".

Lavender Vanilla:

I love both scents, but I love this one just a bit more. I think this is the stronger(more scented) scent of the two. This has more of a freshening appeal as far as scenting the room.

If you love tons of scent, this is the choice for you. The lavender and vanilla blend so perfectly in this softly strong, sweet scent.

As I already raved, both scents are amazing. The best thing is these come in 2-packs(on And you can get two of the same or a combo. I recommend first timers get the combo so they can try out both. Plus it is just really nice to change up the scent based on your mood an any given day.

Trash Dash is also available in single packs in the garbage bag isle of  mass retailers nationwide.

Trash Dash will also make a great affordable gift, especially for new or expectant parents. Babies only need so many bibs and stuffed animals, but the parents will be so thankful to be able to breathe freely.

Two of my lucky followers will get to win their own combo pack just by entering the rafflecopter below. Good Luck.

*Although I received these at no cost for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review*


  1. I would love to try the lavender vanilla

  2. I think I'd like the Lavender Vanilla

  3. Citrus is my fave - it just smells 'clean' to me like after you have cleaned something up with any of the many citrus scented products.

  4. Lavender Vanilla, without a doubt my favorite scent

  5. I would like to try citrus burst

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