Monday, October 1, 2012

Amy & Brian Review and Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for great tasting beverages. I especially love to find those that are also natural. Well I have found a new favorite. Amy & Brian Naturals.

Amy & Brian Naturals has three varieties of Coconut Juice.

Regular(100% coconut juice), With Pulp(100% coconut juice with pulp), and with lime.

Every flavor is good, but I love the added flavor of the lime. It gives it a very tropical feeling and is quite a unique flavor for coconut juice.

The pulp is really nice. Once again, very unique. Those that like pulp, will love this.

Of course original is wonderful. Very fresh and hydrating.

You can tell that every variety is wonderful quality. Amy & Brina prides itself on being a company that provides the best quality products. It really shows in their coconut juices.

Amy & Brian also makes Mangosteen juice drinks in three yummy flavors.

With Pomegranate, with Goji and with Passionfruit.

They are all natural and and high in antioxidants. All three varieties taste wonderful. They are fruity but light as too not be too sweet or syrupy.

The Passionfruit is my favorite, followed by the Pomegranate.

These drinks are perfect for anyone that loves natural, fruity drinks. And especially good for anyone who is looking for antioxidant superfruits.

Once again, the quality of Amy & Brian Naturals is clear with these wonderful drinks.

Try these for yourself to see how great nature can taste.

2 lucky winners will be able to taste for themselves simply by entering below. Winner number 1 will receive a mixed case(12) of coconut juice(17.5 oz) and winner number 2 will receive a mixed case(12) of Mangosteen beverages(8.45oz). Good luck.


  1. I love coconut juice, but I've never tried it with lime. I'd love to try that.

  2. Mangosteen w/ Pomegranate sounds yummy!

  3. Coconut with Lime! -Georgiana

  4. Original Coconut Juice sounds refreshing!

  5. Mangosteen w/ Passion Fruit sounds YUM!!!

  6. Ok, my mouth is watering, these all sound so good. I think the coconut with the lime would be interesting, I'm anxious to try it.