Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rockin' Green review and Giveaway

I like to purchase Eco-friendly products whenever I can, but I am not willing to sacrifice performance to go Eco-friendly. Most times the effectiveness(or lack thereof) prevents me from using Eco-friendly products as much as I would otherwise.

So any time I see an Eco-friendly product that looks promising, I always try it, but keep my expectations fairly low. Sometimes they are met, sometimes they are still not loved up to, but rarely are the surpassed.

But with Rockin' Green, my expectations were far exceeded.

It is a powder that requires only a few tablespoons, and comes in 3 varieties(Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock) to accommodate different water types and needs) and it also comes in 5 awesome scents(as well as unscented).

I have tried 3 scents so far.

Smashing Watermelons:

Just as the name suggests, this smells like watermelon. How awesome is that for a laundery detergent? I'd buy it for that alone, but add in Eco-friendly and you have a real winner.

2 tablespoons in my HE washer and I was good to go. Crazy the small amount that can clean so much dirty laundry.

Rage Against the Raspberries:

Once again, the name says is all. This smells fresh and bright just like real raspberries. The scent was still in my clothes when they were dry, and I did not even need to add fabric softener.

Lavender Mint Revival: 

I really love this scent, calming lavender and mint. Very unique sent combination and a wonderful scent for a laundry detergent. I love how all the scents are outside the box of tradition laundry soap.

This scent is perfect to wash sheets and blankets and pajamas in. Baby's clothes would be great in this scent s well(if using any scent).

I chose the Hard Rock variety because I have hard water, and it worked wonderfully. All the clothes came out really clean, soft and smelling good. The detergent did not clump in my machine like most other powders do.

This product is a really good value since you can get up to 90 loads(HE machines) out of one full size bag.

Save money, save space and waste(on the big plastic jugs), save the planet.

If you want to try Rockin' Green for yourself, enter below for your chance to win 1 full size bag of any variety and scent. Good Luck.

*Although I received these products at no cost for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and may differ from yours. I was not compensated for this review*


  1. The new Earth Wind and Orchids sounds great!

  2. calming lavender and mint would be the scent I would like to try out and see the results in the Rock'in Green

  3. I would like to try the lavander and mint

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  4. I need the Hard Rock formula and would love to try the Rage Against the Raspberries scent.

  5. lavender mint sounds like one i'd love!