Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sticky Fingers Bakeries Review and Giveaway

If you are like me and love the taste of fresh baked treats, but don't always have the time or the skill to bake, then have I got a treat for you.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries is salvation for those of us who cannot make homemade baked goods(for whatever reason).

They make packaged mixed for you to keep on hand and prepare quickly and very easily in your home anytime you want.

I know what you are thinking, packaged mixes are not any good. Well, I think so too, usually. But with Sticky Fingers Bakeries, the quality is amazing. It tasted just as good if not better than my home made creations, and any baked goods I have tried.

I tired a few of their wonderful products, and I am very impressed and will be a very regular customer(to the dismay of my scale, lol).

Wild Blueberry Scone Mix:

I prior to this, I had never had a scone of any kind, so I cannot truly compare to other scones, but I can compare to other baked goods, and these were some of the best baked goods I've ever tried.

As soon as I opened the bag I could smell the blueberries, and they smell incredible. The texture is perfectly crusty in the outside and moist yet dense on the inside.

All you do for these is add water and mix, then scoop onto a greased cookie sheet and bake. If you want them wedge style, you can shape and cut them, but to me, the shape does not matter, only the flavor.

I love that they are sweetly satisfying, but they are not by any measure too sweet. Perfect for breakfast an snack or a dessert. I've found a new favorite go t treat.

Meyer Lemon Gluten Free Scone Mix:


 Just add water and a little bit of oil, and mix. Viola, Delicious Gluten Free Scones. 

 I do not need to eat Gluten Free, so I usually opt for traditional baked goods as I am more partial to the wheat that the rice flour.  

 These are really yummy though, and better than most of the gluten free products I have tried, but if buying only for taste, my opinion is the traditional scones taste better and have a better texture than the Gluten free.

That being said, these have a very nice fresh, sweet lemon taste. Once again, they are not too sweet so they are perfect for every occasion.

Lemon Curd:

I had never tried a curd of any kind prior to this, and to be fully honest, I am not a huge fan. However, that is not due to a lack of quality from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Because I could tell this was a good quality. The lemon flavor was really good, I just do not like the idea of the eggs and the butter, so it was not a good product for me.

If you are a fan of curds, then I imagine you will love this product, because it seems to be very well done. 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix: 

These are some of the best brownies I have ever had. They are moist and chewy. They have a wonderful rich, sweet chocolate flavor.

All you do is add oil, water and egg and mix. pop into the oven and bake up a batch of deliciousness.

My husband was literally upset when these were gone and told me we had to order more and he's found his new "birthday cake".

This is sure to be a family favorite and a crowd-pleaser.  Perfect for pot lucks or to bring to holiday parties. Even whip up some of these for a bake sale(maybe even adding in some chopped snickers bars) and no one will ever know they are not home made.

Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix: 

Another mouthwatering product. I am a muffin fanatic, and these muffins were some of the best I've ever had. The Cranberry Orange flavor is wonderful. So fresh. 

These muffins are so moist and delicious. You would never believe they came from a mix. 

This is a wonderful holiday flavor that should be shared with friends and family both served as holiday gatherings and given as an affordable gift(teachers, mail carriers, etc)

You cannot go wrong with any Sticky Fingers Bakeries product. They all come from the highest quality ingredients and the most delicious recipes. With tons of flavors and products(such as jam and Irish Soda Bread) there is something(or many things) for everyone.

I am about to make someone's day. One lucky winner will have their choice of any 6 Sticky Fingers Bakeries products. Just enter below. Good Luck.


  1. I like them all, it's so hard to choose a flavor!

  2. I wanna try them all!! But, the scones I'd love to bake some.

  3. cranberry orange muffin mix sounds good to try thanks

  4. Cranberry Orange muffins sound amazing!!!

  5. Cranberry orange muffins would be yummy! -Georgiana

  6. I would love to try the blueberry scones

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