Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye of Horus Cosmetics Review and Giveaway

Although I am not the talented makeup artist, I still want to use the best tools available. I always look for  the best quality cosmetic brands to make the best of what I have. Because no matter how talented or untalented you are at applying cosmetics, quality makes a huge difference. Good can turn bad and bad can turn horrible it using sub par quality.

So when I find a quality brand, not only am I thrilled for myself, I am happy to be able to share the product with everyone.

And do I have something to share or what. Eye Of Horus brand is amazing.

Eye of Horus Mascara uses natural ingredients in the style of the ancient Egyptians to deliver cosmetic products that are affordable, non-irritating and effective.

Ideal for sensitive eyes Eye of Horus Mascara strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes
Naturally formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and Waxes including: Carnauba wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran wax and Candelilla wax.

Eye of Horus makes a great selection of products.

Goddess Mascara:

This product goes on so smooth and does not clump at all. The brush is very flexible and great for reaching every lash. It is waterproof, but does not feel dry and flaky. Makes the lashes noticeable longer and more defined without making them look clumpy or "fake". One of the best mascaras I have ever tried.

Liquid Define Eyeliner:

I love how you can make such super clean lines with this. It is so smooth without being too runny. Definitely now too dry. Waterproof, super long lasting, and nearly instant drying so it will not smear or transfer.

I love you you can make a very thin line or a thicker line without having to go over the line twice.

 Natural Smoky eye pencil:

I love this pencil. Smooth, silky application, will not smudge, waterproof, long lasting. This product is awesome. So easy to use, smudge to your liking or leave as is. Smokey eyes made easy.

Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil:

I really love the color of this pencil. I almost always choose gold tones for my eye color, so this was right up my alley. I love how you can lay it on dark or make it softer and lighter. Can be used alone or to highlight the eyes with other colors.

Of course this pencil is also super easy to use, goes on smooth, lasts all day/night and is smudge proof/waterproof.

Charcoal Obsidian Smokey Goddess Pencil: 

This color is so nice. The pictures do not do justice to the wonderful iridescent shimmer of this color. It is very beautiful.  It looks very nice and elegant when applied lightly, but can also be applied normal/heavy for a bold look.

With the smooth texture and the ability to last all day, you will fall in love with this pencil for sure.

I had the pleasure of reviewing each of these products, and I am very impressed. And despite my lack of makeup applying expertise, check out the  awesome looks created with these products.

Look 1(Natural Smoky Eye Pencil, Liquid Define Eyeliner, Goddess Mascara):

Look 2(Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil, Goddess Mascara):

Look 3(Charcoal Obsidian Smokey Goddess Pencil, Goddess Mascara):

As great as this looks on me, imagine how wonderful it will look on someone who actually knows what they are doing.

These products would make an awesome gift for any cosmetics enthusiast, or a nice gift to yourself.

I have a gift for one of my lucky followers. Just enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win The Ultimate Goddess Gift Pack (Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, Natural Smokey Eye Pencil, Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner, Custom Eye of Horus Compact Mirror, Microfiber Cleansing Cloth, Custom Cosmetic Sharpener). Good Luck.


  1. I really need to try these, i have to get new makeup in the next few weeks!

  2. Commenting for the contest, I really want to try the liquid, as I've never really found a liquid that cuts the mustard!

    Also, had some problems with the rafflecopter app on my computer, just letting you know like! Hope my entries went thru on my phone!

  3. I absolutely love the way the smokey eye pencil looks on you and would love to recreate that look on myself! That's the product I'm most interested in!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. That is my favorite look too. :) Good luck. If you win, all the products in that look are in the prize pack. :)

  4. I'm intrigued by the Charcoal Obsidian Smokey Goddess Pencil. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Oh, I love that name and your eyes are an amazing color!
    Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil looks great, am most interested in it, thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment on my eyes. :)

  6. First of all, I love how it looks on you! I really love the names of the products, I'm interested in all the products from look one, I think it's so pretty!

    1. You are so sweet Tiff. Thank you. :) Good luck. :)

  7. Love the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara!

  8. I'd like to try the mascara, since it's non-irritating and mascara usually ends up bothering my eyes.

  9. I would love to try the Goddess Mascara

  10. The Goddess Mascara and Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil look amazing together. I really like what you did with them.

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