Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neon Tiki Tribe Mommyparty

As a proud member of Momselect, I have had many wonderful opportunities to learn about and try new products and services. Most recently, I was chosen to host a party for Neon Tiki Tribe(storybooks).

 I received an awesome kit with books(3 different stories, multiple copies of each) and super cute toy glasses(enough for each guest) as well as some posters and 2 shirts(one for me, one to raffle off).

 I really love my shirt, and so did all of the guests. There was almost a fight over the raffle one.

All of the guests were super excited to not only read the stories during the party, but receive a copy of each one to take home with them. The parents were just as excited as the children. They really loved that the stories are are about teaching morals.

I think it is super awesome that these books are printed with Dyslexie font, a revolutionary new typeface designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia. Since 1 in 10 children suffer from dyslexia, that is very helpful(and considering my son is autistic, I understand the challenges of those that need a little help).

My 5 year old son(with autism) was able to read the majority of these books by himself which I think is amazing. The stories are simple enough that young children can read them, but the stories are interesting enough that older children will not feel like they are reading a "baby story".

We had some snacks(finger sandwiches, cookies, carrot sticks) and took turns reading parts of each story. Then we even did a mini play and acted out some of the scenes.  We discussed why it is important to do the right thing(some of the answers were adorable, like ,"So Santa will put you on the 'nice list'." and "Because the wrong this is bad")

The stories were really cute and the party was a huge success. I only hope that Neon Tiki Tribe comes out with more stories so I can do another one of these parties, and the kinds could get more awesome stories.

If you have a dyslexic child(or know one) I strongly recommend these books. In fact, even if you don't these are wonderful stories for kids that condone good morals.

I would like to thank MomSelect and Neon Tiki Tribe for this awesome party, and thank you to all my guests for making it extra special.

*By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

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