Friday, October 19, 2012

Char Crust Review and Giveaway

I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook. Well actually, I like to think I am a GREAT cook. But, I always love restaurant food much better. It was always baffling to me how there could be so much of a difference. Now I finally realize that cooking ability is not the biggest difference, but rather it is the ingredients.

If home cooks can find the right spice combinations and use the right ingredients, then they can create restaurant quality meals too.

I recently discovered a product that makes it so easy. Char Crust is so simple to use, but the results are anything but ordinary.

Char Crust comes in 10 awesome flavors. I had the pleasure of trying 2 so far, and I am very impressed. My husband loved them, and gave me high compliments about the meal(s). That alone was enough to make me fall in love with Char Crust, but the flavor took care of that anyway.

The flavors I tried are:

Original Hickory Grilled:

This is the classic go to flavor. I consider this the universal flavor. Use it on anything and you are sure to have fantastic results.

I used this on Chicken breast and on Steak, and both were beyond delicious. A nice hickory flavor. Consists of smoky flavor with hints of salty and sweet.

All American Barbeque:

I adore BBQ, but finding a REAL BBQ flavor is not as easy as you would think. BBQing is not the same as grilling or adding BBQ sauce to something, and as a result, the flavor is not easy to duplicate.

This wonderful flavor combines the best aspects from different regions' signature flavors into one unbeatable BBQ flavor.

With the flavors of molasses, tomato, mustard, pepper, vinegar, chipotle and smoke. Nothing is left out in this perfect Barbeque dry rub.

I used this one ribs and they were to die for. I also tried sprinkled on corn on the cob(before grilling) and it was probably the best corn I've ever tasted.

No matter which flavor you choose, you cannot go wrong with Char Crust. The crust really locks in the juices, so your meat is moist and tender and super juicy. Also, using Char crust really speeds up the cooking process(for me at least). Since you can broil the meat, it cooks very quickly, but the char crust keeps it juice so you don't have to worry about coking under the broiler(like I always was).

I usually cook my meat in the frying pan(or on the grill) and if making more than a small amount have to cook in batches. that takes forever and allows have the food to get lukewarm or cold while I make the rest. With char Crust I can use a cookie sheet and cook everything at once(which also allows my big burner free for side dishes since I only have one large burner).

The best way to truly know how great Char Crust is though, is to try it. And one of you will be lucky enough to win 3 awesome flavors: Original Hickory Grilled, Roasted Garlic Peppercorn, Ginger Teriyaki. All you have to do for your chance to win is enter the rafflecopter below. Good Luck.

*Although I received these products at no cost for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.*