Monday, October 29, 2012

Popcorn Cravings Review and Giveaway

As a popcorn lover, I am always looking to try new flavors of popcorn. And when I have a popcorn craving, I love to have nice selection of flavors from a brand that is high quality.

So what better company to turn to for a craving attack that one called Popcorn Cravings.

Popcorn Cravings offer sizes to meet any size crave attack. They also offer a variety of delicious flavors, so there is something for every mood.

I was able to try the Caramel & Cheese Craving in a cute Mini box.

I was very curious about this combination, and I was not sure how I would like it, but it is really unique and I love it. The Cheese and Caramel actually blend together very nicely while also contrasting very well. Both flavors alone or together are really delicious and gourmet quality.

The popcorn is tender and crisp, big soft pieces(not a ton of hard pieces you can't eat). The coating texture is perfect. The caramel is rich and crispy while the cheese is smooth and cheesy.

This popcorn is bursting with flavor, and the unique contrast of flavors is perfect to satisfy savory or sweet cravings, making this the perfect flavor for any snack attack.

The boxes are darling and would make lovely little gifts for teachers, kids to give to school friends, postal workers, hair dressers, etc. Anyone you want to give a little something to without breaking the bank.

Of course for closer gift recipients, Popcorn Cravings offers bigger boxes to make even better gifts. No matter what you are looking for, Popcorn Cravings can satisfy.

I know you want to try this awesome popcorn for yourself, and who can blame you. That is why I am giving all my followers the chance to win one of 3 bags of Ample Craving in the Caramel & Cheese flavor. Simply enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Good luck.


  1. Toffee popcorn sounds like caramel corn, only better!

  2. definitely the caramel and cheese because I love sweet and salty together.

  3. The Cheese!! I dont like my popcorn sweet! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

    Jaime R
    ccff41 at aol dot com

  4. Cheese or the caramel and cheese combo, they both sound good!

  5. the caramel and cheese flavor sounds great!

  6. toffee sounds amazing, but they all look so great! I'm a huge popcorn lover, so I bet i'd love them all lol

  7. Toffee w/ Macadamia Nuts oh yummmmm! Caramel and cheese soulds great too!