Sunday, November 25, 2012

Betty Lou's Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am a food lover. I like to find the best product possible. Not only in terns of taste, but also quality and health as well.

Although I do not have any food allergies, I understand how horrible it must be for those that do, especially widespread allergies such as Gluten and Dairy.

That is why I love to try those allergy friendly foods whenever I have the opportunity, to find the best ones. And so many things I have tried were not good at all.

So finding a brand that makes Gluten Free and Diary Free(many that are both) snacks that actually taste good is something worth talking about. Betty Lou's is a company that I just have to share.

All of the Betty Lou's products I tried are really good. If I did not know these items were Gluten/Dairy free, I could never have guessed. The flavor and quality is very rare among any snacks, let alone restricted diet ones.

I love that not only are there multiple flavors, there are actually multiple product types as well, making for a very nice selection.  The variety makes snacking fun and interesting, without risk of snack boredom. 

Fruit Bars:

 I tried Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon but Betty Lou's also offers Cherry and Apricot.

I love all of these yummy fruit bars. They are similar to a Nutri-grain bar, only way better quality and Gluten Free of course. They are also dairy free. They definitely are not flavor free though, they are really good.

The fruit tastes fresh and delicious, and really tastes like fruit, but jelly or sugar mush. The "crust" part is soft and chewy with a light yet delicious flavor.

These are perfect for quick breakfasts or to pack for snacks or lunch. They are perfect for kids who will love the yummy baked good aspect. And you can feel good knowing they are getting real fruit and grains.

Nut Butter Balls:

I tried the Almond Butter Ball, Coconut Macadamia Ball, and the Peanut Butter Ball. They were so yummy. I love almonds, so the almond butter one was my favorite, but the others were right on it's heels.

They texture is really nice. The inside is firm yet smooth and slightly chewy, while the outside is coated in crunchy nuts. The combination makes for a really unique snack.

The individual packaging makes them great for eating on the go, and the protien provides the filling energy you need to keep you going all day. The Gluten Free aspect just makes them even sweeter.

Angell Bars:

Gluten Free Angell Bars come in 3 varieties: Dark Angell, Angell Crisp and Snow Angell.

Although I am not a big fan of Dark Chocolate, I did like the Dark Angell bar. Not as much as the other two of course.

The Angell Crisp was really good. Smooth and creamy with just the perfect crispy goodness.

But my favorite was the Snow Angell Bar. It is white chocolate with a creamy and sweet coconut center. One of the best candy bars I've ever had.

Chocolate Protein Shake:
This yummy chocolate Protein shake can be made in seconds simply by mixing with water. It has 20g of protein and a super creamy consistency and a sweet and delicious chocolate flavor.

Just as good or better than any nutrition shake I have tried. I love the convenience of the single serve packets. The fact that is is sugar, lactose, gluten and hormone free is unbelievable.

Individually and as a whole these products are fantastic. If you need(or want) to eat Gluten Free(or Dairy free etc.) then I strongly recommend Betty Lou's. You will fall in love with the quality, variety and overall deliciousness of these snacks.

And for all of you that are dying to try these wonderful products, I have a treat for you. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a Betty Lou's Variety pack. Good luck.