Monday, November 26, 2012

November Starbox Review

Last month, I had the pleasure of reviewing the October Starbox. I fell in love with Starbox from the moment I laid eyes upon it. And The first time I used my products, I was even more impressed.

That is why I am so excited to be able to review the November Starbox for you all this month.

For anyone living under a rock that may not know what Starbox is, it is a monthly beauty box subscription. For $15 a month you get premium quality, FULL SIZE products(yes, more than one) delivered to your door each month.

Each month is a different "look", so the items sent will be "matched" to create a specific look. This month the theme is "Nasty Gal".

November's Starbox was especially special since it is the first Semi-customizable box. You were able to choose your skin ton(light, medium, dark) and get colors that will match your skin tone.

Demand was very high for this awesome Starbox, and since the customers all come first, some us us bloggers were sent colors that were not our exact skin tone(since there was not enough to go around). Since all the colors are neutral though, all the collections can be worn by any skin tone.

I received the Light collection when I am more medium skin tone, so these products will look even more incredible on you if you have lighter skin.

In my Starbox I received  a beautiful 4 color eye shadow palette
 The colors it contains are:Pearl Reflection, Celestial, Wicked Wink and Almond.

The camera really just steals the color from this gorgeous palette. The only way to really see the beauty of these colors is on person.  The colors are browns, and bronzy golds and a pearly off white.

I adore these colors. I love to wear shimmery brown shades on my eyes, and they are my signature look. I do venture out occasionally, but Browns are my staple. I know my browns, and these are fabulous.

The go on so smoothly and evenly, feel soft and weightless, and look flawless all day. I love how all the colors compliment each other without being too similar. I will use this palette often.

My other full size cosmetic item was a Tendergloss Lipstick in Nude.


This color is a true nude. It is very light. It has some lovely shine and shimmer to make it perfectly demure without being flat or boring.

I could have used just a touch darker for my skin tone, but I really love how light and gorgeous this is, especially for light skin tones.

My skin is actually quite light at times, and I have a hard time finding lip color I like. Darker colors seem to make me look silly, so nudes and sheers are a live-saver.

The quality of this Tendergloss Lipstick is incredible. I feels like silk. It slides on so softly and looks perfect. It makes your lips feel ultra moisturized(better than lip balm). They even felt softer after I took it off.

For being such a creamy-smooth product, you would not really expect t to last on your lips very long, but it really does.

I will certainly be buying more Tendergloss Lipsticks. I think I can safely say this is probably my favorite type of lip color now.

As I mentioned above, I do not do these products full justice, but I really love them and can imagine how gorgeous they would look with lighter complexions. This is what these products look like on me(and remember the camera does not even come close to showing how beautiful these products are).

They look even lighter in the pictures than they do in person. But I really love the nice natural look. Not too much. Perfect for when more bold makeup is not really fitting but you still want a little something extra.

This box also included a bonus 3-in-1 Mascara Guide/Applicator to help you apply mascara without getting any on your eye shadow, which is really awesome since I do that all the time.

Now think about it. $15 for all of the above items shipped right to your door. How could you possibly beat that. You cannot even get drug store makeup for that price, and you certainly could never duplicate this quality for that value.

Plus you get the added excitement of being surprised by what you get and trying things you might not have chosen on your own(like the eye pigment that I got last month that is one of my all time favorite items now, but I would probably never have picked).

Also, you get all the fun of getting a fun box in the mail. I get a pretty good amount of packages(being a reviewer) but I still get excited every single time. My husband thinks I am insane because I always act like a kid on Christmas. So the excitement alone is worth the super affordable price.

Starbox would be the perfect gift for any lucky lady on your holiday shopping list. Not only will you not have to pick out the perfect gift(with cosmetics it is hard to shop for someone else), but you will also not have to get trampled at a physical store or worry about wrapping or shipping or anything. Just a few clicks and gift buying is done. What could be better than that?

Well one thing could be better. the Mega epic Starbox coming up for December. The star attraction of the December Starbox will be a 15 color eye shadow Palette worth $99!!!

Subscribe NOW! It is a no brainer. A $99 Eye Palette for $15. If you don't take advantage of this deal you have to be crazy. Get one for yourself and send them as gifts, just don't miss out on the awesomeness.

Be sure to come back next month to see my review of my December Starbox featuring the 15 color Eye Shadow Palette. Hopefully you will be here to compare the fabulousness and not to wallow in the jealousy of having missed out.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own. I was not compensated nor encouraged to post positively*


  1. Neutrals are so in this season and those look gorgeous on you!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!. :) I have always loved neutrals. But so glad they are in style. I really love this box. Starbox is so amazing.